Maria Shriver to Divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger

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After months of hemming and hawing - even after his love child with Mildred Patricia Baena came to light - Maria Shriver has filed for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger, citing irreconcilable differences on the paperwork.

The couple has been married 25 years and has no prenup.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver will split around $400 million.

The official date of separation is not known, but despite Arnold's infidelity, Shriver was reportedly torn over whether to follow through with the divorce.

As recently as mid-June, Arnold wasn't giving up on reconciliation.

Shriver is asking for spousal support and for joint custody of their minor children, 17-year-old Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger and 13-year-old Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger. Their other two kids are over 18.

The division of property is yet to be determined. Because there is no prenup, under California law, all earnings and other property acquired during the marriage is considered community property, which means a 50/50 split.

Since the couple has been married for a quarter century, it's likely that all their property will be considered communal, even if Arnold's net worth is higher.

In any case, their divorce will never go to trial and will be settled out of court after what will surely be extensive negotiations on behalf of their attorneys.

The terms will also be confidential.


Stay strong Maria! Youve got a wonderful life ahead of you....dont think of divorce as an ending but as a new beginning, with lots of challenges but also new adventures and great, laugh and enjoy your earned it! :)


does not matter how wealthy Maria is in her own right, He owes her half of their fortune. I suppose he needs money as he never knows who else he meet and father another child and have yet another family to support! Maria do not read these first few messages that are so vulgar, you are too much a lady for that trash. Good luck and God bless. Stay strong!


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200 million reasons to leave this dirtbag in the dust.


Maria will still be encouraging other women about about their empowerment. There was No way that she was going to stay with "The Sperminator" after the public humiliation of being totally disrespected in her own home by two people that she had absolute trust in. Maria may be from a wealthy family, but she is also a very independent woman. Even though she has wealth in her own right,because Arnuld was the primary bread winner, she should receive half the loaf instead of being expected to settle for a handful of crumbs. I admire her quiet dignified manner in all of this unasked for chaos that entered into her life with her children. I continue to wish her well, and to borrow a line from Ivana Trump, don't get mad, get everything!!


Maria mightve been blind & stupid but she deserved nothing less than a faithful husband. Not only did he cheat but he also fathered a child....both of which he denied. Some betrayals are too much to overcome.

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