Arnold Schwarzenegger Not Giving Up on Marriage

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By impregnating his housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena in the late 1990s, Arnold Schwarzenegger did a fairly irreparable hatchet job on his marriage.

All the same, he's not ready to throw in the towel yet.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria

Even after he hired a divorce attorney, Arnold was still wearing his wedding ring en route to a meeting with his daughter, Katherine ...

Schwarzenegger has been married more than 25 years.

Even before the love child scandal leaked, Arnold was said to be trying to win back wife Maria Shriver. Even now, he hasn't fully abandoned all hope.

You know what they say about denial ... he's in a state of it.



Arnold, if,if,if you really love Maria and want to save your marriage, you should be wooing her, publicly and privately, and don't give up. if by some miracle she takes you back, and you end up straying again, Maria should call on Sharon Osbourne and she'll take care of you.


Nazi bastard.


BO BO, I think you accidentally added a "W" as the first letter of your last name instead of the appropriate "B".


They're all "maid" for each other. It's like watching a fucking circus freak show.


I feel sorry for the children. Dont feel sorry for Arnold, Maria or the Maid. The Maid was in it for the money. Arnold was in it for the honey. Maria saw Arnold's red flags years ago, she had ample reason to leave long time ago. Maria should have been livid with both Arnold and the Maid but gave the maid her sympathy. Looks like the only one that came out ahead was the maid, and she wanted the cash and ended up a celebrity instead of being looked at as a home wrecker. Shame on the maid. Shame on her big time.


While I feel a bit of sorrow for Maria, I really dont think she was oblivious to his whoremongering. For her to stand before people & stand up for his character, is a slap in the face to those whole actually believed her. I doubt they'll ever make that mistake again. Not sure how far down the Kennedy/Shriver tree the knowledge went. Hopefully not too far. Shame on them. Shame!


Why would he give up hope? Maria knew he was a cheater, but she stayed with him all those years. She even campaigned for him and told the voters to ignore the 16 women who accused him of groping. So who can blame him for thinking she's a doormat. Caroline Kennedy even gave a Profile in Courage Award to the Democrats in the legilsature who caved in to Arnold and sold out their constituents. Robert Kennedy, Jr., an environmental activist, gave Arnold an award for his 'environmentalism.' I believe these honors were at Maria's behest. She helped that buffoon wreck California, so I have no respect for her, and I hope she never works in journalism again. The only reason she's divorcing him now is because he had a baby with the maid who is low status. That's all these people care about. Status and money. If he had fathered a baby with a German au pair, she would have stayed.


I would not sleep with him if he had thelast pecker in the world. What a jerk, and really he is not good looking. Arnold used Maria and the Kennedy Family by hitching a ride. However, the Kennedy's are not that great either. Bootleggers, whore mongers, and self asorbed asses! Fuck them all!