Lamar Odom Involved in Fatal Car Accident

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Lamar Odom was a passenger in a car last week that struck another vehicle and killed a 15-year old boy in New York.

The tragic incident took place on Thursday, as Mr. Khloe Kardashian hired a service to drive him around while in town for his cousin's funeral. Odom was seated in the back when his driver hit a motorcycle, which caromed into a teenage pedestrian.

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The boy suffered severe head injuries and was rushed into emergency surgery. But his family confirms to TMZ that he died the following day.

A source close to Lamar says the NBA star is "devastated" by the development. Our thoughts go out to the victim's family.



I really feel bad about the accident,is nt Lamar's fault :(


My heart goes out for the families invovled.Lamar,who is a great guy,is human;he didn't cause the accident.This could have happened to anyone.):


I'm with the rest of you about calling Lamar Odom mister K.K...especially in the context of this story. Everyone knows by now that he's with her. My ire is that you actually set up a generated link in her name. A boy lost his life here and you shamelessly (from my perspective) call him Mr. K.K and then, further insult our moral fiber by setting up a link to see what she looks like; another assault on our inteligence and imho, non-ethical tolerance. Your so pre-occupied with trying to entertain the mindless that you do not know when to peel the popcorn factor in serious stories such as this! GOD bless this boys soul and condolences to the family.


Well, let me start here, There was a 15 year-old son who was taken and my son is 15, so I am taking it a liitle personal. The stars often have "Paparazzi" after them, and these individuals often cause accidents. Case in point "Princess Diana". I wonder was the motorcyclist a paparazzi. Nothing else is mentioned about him. It didn't have to be the car service company fault. More will be revealed. "Please Pray for the victims family". That young man could have been the next Einstein with the cure for "Cancer". We lost another child without a future!! Think about that for a while!!!


My prayers for the child's family, and individuals involved in the incident. Prayers and thoughts also to Lamar Odom, he was not living it up as a celebrity during this time. And it is not cool to call da man Mr.K.K., Lamar O. is the man, when in fact Khloe is just known as a sister to Kim K who is well known. Khloe is not a celebrity or who is not known well for something she has accomplished. Again Lamar is da Man.


I agree with Khloe, the comments are disgusting. Wipe you're conscience. We're any of you at the crash site? Do you judge celebreties and then watch they're sitcom, and go to they're movies and pass you're thoughts as true? We know Omar was not driving. We know the service's driver and a motorcyclist were involved. The cause (whom) was at fault is yet to be determined. We know a 15yr old boy is dead. Stop it.


first and foremost...khloe khardashian IS NOBODY for you all to title Lamar Odom as Mr. K.K...She is merely kims sister. and thats all they'll ever be known as. back to the issue at hand..As if thats not a devastating blow..Ur in town for a funeral and end up killing someone. Exactly HOW did the driver miss seeing the cyclist? Either or...someones going to jail..and someones life is gone. TRAGIC. My condolences to all parties involved.


@Cindy Neon-eighteen
Celebrities out "living it up?" Did you read the article above past the headline by chance? Lamar was on his way to HIS OWN COUSIN'S FUNERAL; that's like the opposite of living it up. And for the rest of you, did you happen to catch the part about him not being the driver? I guess there's a shred of responsibility because he or his assistant chose the driving company, but it was a car ACCIDENT. How could he have seen that coming? I'm pretty sure he has ESPN, but not ESP! That said, this a terrible tragedy & the family should own that driving company soon.


My heart goes out to everyone involved such a tragic ending for the little boy...everyone life is written out we just wished we knew what it say.


This so horrible to hear but I don't get how these professional drivers don't keep complete control of their car unless they weren't concentrating on what they were doing. MAY GOD GIVE THE FAMILY THE STRENGTH TO GO THROUGH THIS REALLY TOUGH TIME NOW AND FOR ALL TIME AS I AM SURE HE WILL!!!


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