Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: Dish on the Divorce

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It takes a lot to surprise Hollywood and those, such as THG, who cover it for a living. But our staff is still rubbing our collective jaw after it slammed to the ground in response to the news that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were filing for divorce.

What went wrong for the couple that appeared to happy together on the American Idol finale? Did another man enter the picture?

No, says a source. The split was simply due to "months of nonstop arguing."

Marc and Jennifer

As a result of this fighting, "Marc and Jennifer decided it's best to go their separate ways for the sake of their two kids," the insider tells People.

We haven't heard much from the former couple since the announcement was made, though Anthony made a reference to being "single" while on stage in Colombia on Saturday.

Lopez, meanwhile, was spotted at at Milk Studios in Los Angeles yesterday, shooting an ad campaign for her Kohl's fashion line. Says this friend;

"Jennifer is doing okay," the source says. "She is, of course, sad that she and Marc didn't work out, but they both feel they have tried everything."



Im sure alot of women out their have had more than 4 sex partners in ONE year!!!!!! SO WHY DO WE BLAME J FOR MARRYING 4 Men in the past Several years? ATLEAST SHE WAS DOING IT RIGHT IN THE EYES OF GOD!!! I wish them both the best in whatever they decide!!!! We all make mistakes!! Only God Can judge!!!! Lets look at our own lives before we look down on anothers!


I knew this was coming! Jennifer "Ho" Lopez got what she deserved! Marc left her for another pair of legs & with 2 children in the same way he left his ex wife with 2 children too (HO Lopez: Karma is a B*** right?).That by the way, Dayanara, a Miss Universe 1993, left everything(modeling,singing,acting career, her country)for him and to make a family, and 4 days after they divorced in D.R, here comes Ho Lopez and Marc and got married. If it wasn't in him to wait a respectable time to remarry (at least for his children)it was in her to wait, but what you can expect with this 2 lowlife people? Money can buy nice houses,clothes or cars, but don't give you a inch of decency. Now Ho Lopez will know how it hurts when somebody cheats on you publicly. And for Marc... How on this earth he can get this women? He looks like a cod fish on crack overdose! I hope that one day somebody pays him with the same coin!


Why r we so quick to judge others on what their going thru or doing nd not look at ourselves or our personal life....oh yeah, we have it all planned out nd our life is perfect....NOT!!!!!!


Wat a shame 2 thy 4ma couple. Al i can say is U CANNOT FORCE MATTERS. If themselves failed 2 resolve their differences, we cnt do anythin. Only GOD is the final judge.


I love this, I love my boy friend. He is a nice black man. :) :) i met him via ____Blac k' Whi te' Fli rt * C óM____The most successful interracial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet "milk" or "chocolate", don't hesitate to check it !! Don't let your babies wait too long for you !!


How u get em is how u lose em thats all i hav to say


J-Ho .. Oh I mean JLo made her comeback so she could kick his cocaine snorting ass to the curb! Oh yeah.. And one more thing.. How he dumped his ex wife and married JHo 2 days after the divorce was final shows you what kind of person he is.. They did deserve each other really.. What is also pathetic is the episode JLo made the last 2-3 weeks whenever paparazzi is around.. OMG diva in the building.. Yeah youre pretty and were good in the Wedding Planner, but you can't sing.. You're a hypocrite- you judge people on their singing and you can't even do it yourself without your voice being dubbed over and over again! Get some counseling!!


By the way, did you read that they stated that they've tried everything? That may include talking,counseling, prayer, etc.


It is what it is? Who are you to judge? You know nothing about this couple's private life. It appears from every project that they have done together,every appearance and statement,that they love and uplift each other. I pray that they work it out and are ultimately able to come together. If not, may they always be friends.


@abby normal your so right why waiste all the money if you not gonna put work in stupid celeberaties

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