William Levy Denies Affair With Jennifer Lopez

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William Levy, a.k.a. the guy who starred in J. Lo's video for "I'm Into You," a.k.a. The Cuban Brad Pitt, denies that he is in any way involved with her.

The surprising Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony breakup, announced in a joint statement Friday, immediately spawned rumors of a Lopez-Levy affair.

Not the case, says the music video beefcake.

Levy also recently separated from his wife after shooting the above video with Lopez, further sparking rumors of her romance with the telenovela star.

But Levy's rep claims William and Jennifer Lopez are not together, stating "The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship."

He repeats, "That’s all there’s ever been.”

J. Lo and Marc Anthony, who are the parents of three-year-old twins, have not gone into  detail on why they're ending their seven-year marriage.


i love everybody


I love both jeniffer nd maxi


I am fun of William Levy and Maite Perroni, Willy if u can not go back to your family, plse get married to Maite, because she is pretty but always remember u beatiful kids.


You shouldve went with jennifer lopez shes alot hotter!! If u know what I mean


just follow ur heart and were u think gonna make u happy


Willy plz go back 2 maitte perroni she is very beutiful than ur wife leave that old girl jennifer lopez


Hi levy do wat ever u want cuz ua a free men


Willy, love does not lie, elizabeth is using kids to get you - but as we can see here reading your chemistry you are lying to yourself, u dont love elizabeth - go for Maite - dont fear, even God knows - and take her straight to church marry her and start meking money - even appearing to the public will fetch money for you. ofcourse the kids will come to you.


William u look good with maite but i perfectly recomend that go back to your partner eliz coz she has your children


willam we will hapy be if u marry maite for u guys will made a wonderful couple

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