Jeff Schroeder Homophobic Rant Captured on Big Brother Live Feed

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Two members of the Big Brother 13 cast got into an argument Tuesday, which in itself isn't news. Jeff Schroeder's homophobic comments - stemming from a discussion of Harry Potter, of all things - are being widely criticized, however.

Jeff clearly hasn't seen the films or read the books, but nevertheless starts laying into Dumbledore, who author J.K. Rowling says she always thought of as gay:

Newcomer Kalia Booker defends the books and the character, but Jeff stresses how wrong it is to send kids to a "fantasy camp" run by a gay man.

He then goes ballistic on Kalia, accusing her of "saying the right answer for TV." Odd, given that just a few nights ago, Cassi Colvin reportedly dropped the f-bomb on Dominic Briones, only to be chastised by Jeff.

What do you think? Did Jeff's rant totally cross the line? Or did he just get carried away in a conversation we don't know the full context of? Discuss.

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I have no words, you tell me if he's not gay...


Why are we letting people push this gay crap down our throats? Everything Jeff said makes perfect sense! Homosexuality is disgusting, and we shouldn't be forced to accept something we think is wrong!




God I hate Jeff. But you are wrong undisclosed. You say Free Speech is the ability to say anything you want you, and that is correct. However it ALSO means we have the ability to say anything back. He said hateful speech, and we in turn can call him hateful. He can call people anything he wishes, but in turn he can get called on what he says. And his eviction was one of the most beautiful and suspenseful nights of BB I've ever seen.


I agree with you Jolene. We're all wrong unless we go with what's considered PC. If you have an opinion that's different than the mainstream, you're wrong. You're a bigot. You're stupid. You're whatever other names they want to call you. Unfortunately it's us and them. There are lines drawn and people have to take sides. Too bad for that. Free Speech used to actually mean something. Oh, wait. They want to use free speech when it benefits them, but not when someone doesn't agree. Sad.


Learn to spell Jolene you dumb bitch. Its kalia not Kahlua jackass. I hate people like you. Think they everything but they are the most unintelligent people on the plant like George w. Bush,Sarah pailan, john McCain and anybody else representing a tea party political party. You all are a bunch of assholes but jolene you take the cake


I completely agree with everything Jebediah said. Jolene you are an unintelligentence having bitch. You don't desire to even post here if you have no ducking clue about what you talking about. I bet your children hate you,because you don't let them even read ccertain books because your stupid ass can't understand it fully. Didn't you attend school at one point of your sad bullshit of a life? You make me sick. By the way Obama is getting reelected so fuck you, cunt.


@Jolene - seriously, you're a total racist cunt.


Wow. I am totally seeing him in a different light. What an @$$hole. He has been a bit prickish lately. He's like on a man period. Jerk.


you idiots his playing u