Happy 18th Birthday, Taylor Momsen!

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She may be inappropriate, but Taylor Momsen is now legal at least.

Now 18, the Gossip Girl actress, model and Pretty Reckless singer can now vote, buy a lotto ticket, purchase the cigarettes she's fond of smoking, and marry a groupie in a quickie Vegas wedding without parental consent! Sweet!

Best of all, those experiencing a Taylor Momsen flashing in concert can now enjoy it, knowing it's technically an adult. Happy birthday, Taylor!

Taylor Momsen Singing Live

Happy birthday, Taylor!


Ate Chel, it's nice hanvig you here. It's like we just getting to know each other. Di ko nga alam na nag stay pala kayo sa U.S. if not for your comments zero knowledge ako sayo.


WHAT?!?!?! She's only 18!!! OMG! I thought she was like 20 or something


Happy 18th Birthday

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Taylor Momsen is a cute young actress who stars on the hit series Gossip Girl. Before Gossip Girl, she didn't do much - Taylor Momsen is... More »
Potomac, Maryland
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Taylor Michel Momsen