Gretchen Rossi: Would You Hit It?

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The Fourth of July brings out the good (Josh Groban), the bad (praising Lake Minnetonka by comparing it to Vegas) and the women so desperate for attention they turn the American flag into a bikini.

Gretchen Rossi proudly included herself in the final category yesterday.

Study this Real Housewife's bathing suit body below, try to determine which parts are real and which are plastic and then answer the pressing question that follows...

Gretchen Rossi Bikini Pic
Gretchen Rossi Loves America

Would you hit it?



What lierabitng knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.


Her head is too big for her body. Pancake ass.


She's weird looking in the face. Total d-lister.


No way. Horse face x10. Nice bod, but huge enormous head. Fake weave, weird long and huge face. Dating a loser and child support cheat. What a winner.


ewww noo she has a man face

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