Demi Lovato and Ryan Phillippe: Dating?!?

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Demi Lovato recently went into great detail about her personal life, explaining to fans just what she went through that landed her in rehab and inspired the new single, "Skyscraper."

But the singer apparently left out a vital piece of information in that interview: she's dating Ryan Phillippe!

"It was really hot and heavy for a while," an insider tells E! News, adding that Phillippe's status as a new father "kind of threw her for a loop."

Demi Lovato in Public

Phillippe is 36 and the father of two kids, while Demi turns 19 next month.

The source claims the couple hasn't seen much of each other recently because Phillippe has a new baby, while Lovato has a new single to promote. Still... OMG, Demi Lovato has been seeing Ryan Phillippe?!?

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U r so wrong demi


i think he should go back to resee they look great toghether amazing couple when i see their memory tears come to my eyes love them toghether demi is a kid and besides i love resee not her hope he does that


Idk if this is true but she can do whatever the he'll she wants! And if she likes him(which is totally understandable) why wouldn't she , age ain't nothing but a freaking number besides she is tegnacly legal to date whoever she wants, so don't compared 14 year old years with this, I know she has less experience but that doesn't mean she cant try to date older guy and Ryan looks so much younger, he's hot and it's completely normal if she wants to date him, I have a friend she met his husband when she was 17 and then they married when she was 18 almost 19 and he was 36, she is now 23 and he is 40 they have a kid and they are really happy together so just keep this in mind "age ain't nothing but a numbaa"


Ewwwwww, Ryan is a FATHER ( Reese Witherspoon's babies daddy) Demi doen't need to get into his fatherly crap right now!!!!


I like Demi and Ryan. But what is it with these young disney stars dating much older men. Taylor Swift dates men much older than her and it never works out. I wouldn't see taylor as a role model but she has amazing songs. News to young kids wanting to date older men: Don't act needy and don't give ur goodies away so soon. That's why they dump you. Be smart and respect yourself you dumb b***hes!


i m hurt deeply inside reading this why u broke my broken heart demi i am teasing myself and cutting myself and crying loudly in the rain alonel (~~) wishing this pain go away from me, dnt u think that my heart broken i am happy cuz u r happy but please tell him if i found him someday in ashywood i will mind it..... i will knock his teeth down his throat with some sweet chin music hu..... ou..... hu..... hu..... ou..... i m cryng..... oh my god why me for this pain.....


my wife broke my heart i m crying really my tears oh my neck even on my lips u break my heart demi but dnt u thnk that i m broken i m happy cuz ur happy but u tell him if someday i found him in ashywood i will mind it..... (~~) i will beat him with some sweet chin music hu..... ouu..... i m corying and wishing this pain g away from my heart oh my god why oh why tell me why me for this pain me!!!!!


Demi is too young for Ryan....and besides she's only 19 and Ryan is 36 and has kids? Not only there's something wrong with those two....something will go wrong in their relationship shortly.


Not only americans read the news. I lyk ryan but a little old.



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