Danielle Staub on Heidi Montag: Not Smart!

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You asked for it (okay, probably not) and now you've got it. Reality TV's most notorious hair-pulling, table-flipping, prostitution-whoring villain is back.

Danielle Staub is cooking up drama on VH1's Famous Food.

Seven celebs - well, six celebs and one actual prostitute (Ashley Dupre) will battle for an ownership stake in the LA-based Dolce restaurant group.

In a promo for the show, which premieres Sunday, Danielle offers five reasons to watch the series and gets in some quality digs at her co-stars.

Heidi Montag, for one, is "not the sharpest tool in the shed." Which we've known for years, but good to know. Check out Staub's Famous Food promo here:

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Free Britney , ever think of a real career. I hear you can get a real journalism degree online now. What a beast! You have got to be a tranny.


Actually, Danielle didn't pull anyone's hair--Jacqueline's daughter pulled Danielle's hair. Danielle also didn't flip any tables--Teresa flipped a table on Danielle (or actually just lifted it a couple times).


this isnt news to the world. We all know heidi is dumber than rocks.


That's a lovely shade of whore-ange you have going on for you, Danielle. And like your Ms. Einstein yourself? Betch stfu!


Its common knowledge that Ms Montag isnt the brightest bulb in the pack & I find it very funny that Ms Staub would point this out considering her very many intelligent decisions that have come back to haunt her.

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