Casey Anthony to Be Sued By "Zanny the Nanny"

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Casey Anthony's release from jail July 13 won't necessarily mean the end of her legal problems. The accused murderer may be sued in a civil case.

Attorney John Morgan, who represents Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, has filed a subpoena to question Casey and served her at Orange County Jail.

Gonzalez claims she can't find work and was ostracized after Anthony told police officials that a woman with the same name kidnapped her daughter.

Casey Anthony at Sentencing

Investigators quickly established that Gonzalez had nothing to do with the case and Casey's babysitter “Zanny the Nanny” was a total fabrication.

Anthony was sentenced to four years in prison for lies to police like that one, but having served almost all of that already, will go free next week.

In any case, Gonzalez is seeking $15,000 in damages for damages to her reputation, loss of job, humiliation and distress brought by Anthony.

The worst part for Anthony is the possibility of being forced to testify at trial and questioned under oath, which she did not at her murder trial.

While Anthony was acquitted of murder, questions potentially asked during a defamation suit against her could prove very difficult to answer.

The subpoena demands Anthony appear at Morgan's Florida office July 19 at 10 a.m. for a deposition, where she will be questioned under oath.

Casey is officially broke, but stands to make a fortune from interviews, photographs plus film and book rights, after her sensational acquittal.

On the flip side, she owes investigative and court costs associated with earlier check-fraud convictions - and likely a fortune for her murder defense.

In short, you haven't heard the last of her by a longs hot.


Somewhere,some village is missing 12 idiots!!!
That jury should be put through ----!!


kim childress. What the hell are you babbling about!? "(Caylee is saying What about me???Please dont watch the movies and dont buy the books they are all lies.Lee i remember my funeral when you told me the secrets stay in the family is that why there was tape wrapped around my mouth and nose so no one would hear my cry.You all know what mommy did to me and didnt stand up for me in court all everyone worried about was Casey while i laid in a bag and strangers found me finally.when i finally found people who really loved me and were trying to bring me justice you denied me of my justice.I thought you all loved me but you dont.)"(


i dunno why i even read anymore about Casey Anthony. Amy im not gonna bash you like some people on this site but even the jurors said she may not be guilty but she damn sure isnt innocent. She is def Guilty of Child abuse and Neglect. Who in their right minds wouldnt report their child missing after 30 minutes let alone 30 days??? Would you???? I know i damn sure wouldnt and neither would majority of the sane people in the world.


Amy, the only wrong here is your lame comment.




Don't make this into a white thing. I can show you plenty of links for blacks and hispanics that kill their babies too. Amy Have you listened to any of Caseys former friends? Former Boyfriiends the bodyguard that stayed with her for 9 days between jail times? Casey killed that baby, Ashton has confirmed they know where GA was on that day. Not Guilty does not by any means mean innocent. In fact the jury thought she was guilty but they needed a cause of death.


A lot of people are going to sue her.
I hope there is a civil trial. George Vreeland Hill


Yep and she hired a fat in-bread redneck lawyer Morgan and Morgan ambulance chaser for the case. What a joke...


Amy you are very wrong!!!! Yes it is over, but Casey has lied to much to cover something i am sorry but if it was an accident the truth should have been told. At least she would have had a clear conciene something very bad happened and they lied therego she is guilty of something and i hope she gets her ass kicked or worse, peace

Tiffany hasenbeck wren

Look at that smirk on her face!!!! wth???