Casey Anthony to Write Advice Book?!

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Casey Anthony wants to write an advice book, according to reports. The just-acquitted Floridian expressed her literary desires in jailhouse letters.

In jailhouse letters penned while she was in Orlando County Jail in 2008 and 2009, the accused murderer dreamed of setting the record straight.

She wrote of her plans to write a book, "It's a way to settle many rumors and to share my insight about love, life and most important - God."

Casey Anthony Reacts

Would you read a book by Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony's book, notes ABC News, would apparently be a "partial memoir / comedy / relationship advice book for those not in the know."

We have no idea what that means, but we're already bracing ourselves for the deluge of pissed-off responses in the comments section below.

Anthony's letters to fellow inmate Robyn Adams also reveal her desire to have more children. She wrote, "Let's get pregnant together?"

"If it's possible to plan it ... I've thought about adopting, which sounds weird to me saying it, but so many children deserve to be loved."

A jury found Anthony not guilty of murder of her daughter Caylee on Tuesday. She will be sentenced on charges of lying to police today.

The surprise verdict set off a firestorm of criticism, most notably from HLN's Nancy Grace, who has been covering the case since mid-2008.

Even the jurors were sick over their decision, one said in an interview, but felt Anthony was not proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

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I strongly urge everyone to boycott e entertainment tv and the sponsers when e entertainment has the baby killer on. Don't let the sponsers,e entertainment or the baby killer profit from caylee's death.


Boycott all attempts of money making from Caylee's murder by her mother Casey Anthony, boycott all attempts of money making by that "Jury" of 12 people. E-mail any TV sponsors, advertisers and tell them that you will NEVER buy their products if they pay the networks to have Casey Anthony or those "JURORS" on any aTV program.


I just read today that her defense team wants her to go into hiding and basically have plastic surgery, and Casey's mentality is that only a few people are upset with her verdict so she would not have to go into hiding very long. If this is true, I really think Casey feels that she is a celebrity now, and can go out and write a book and sign autographs. This woman is beyond help and I would hope will get what is coming to her sooner or later.


very interesting... cant wait to see the reviews and wether it will be just as idiotic as the brain-deathening Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad. That book killed my intelligence


And who would believe its contents? Some lines from book... Yes,I work here, as they stroll down the hall. Oh wait...changed my mind...dont work here...oops forgot..silly me!! And how to pretend you found a great BFF and then steal her checkbook and write checks and be caught on video doing so. Such the sociopath and pathological liar.


OMG Casey to write an advice book....on what? how to kill your child and get your family to help you cover it up!!! and to say that she wants to share her insight of life, love and most importantly God....she could write....i took my daughter's life, i only love myself, and i don't believe in God's good word....she's living proof of all of these statements!


The,best defense that works on a Florida juror, or jury:
simply would be to just sit there HAIR PUSH BACK,Straight,no make up to lil make up on.look SAD at times,LAUGH at other times smile nicely,sit straight,wit a few sniffle,tear drop rarely,and also make sure to appear with Top button ALL the way up to your neck,
and lastly MOST IMPORTANT CASEY ANTHONY BOOK SHALL Include is to: just sit in court quiet,as a pin,to just you make up all these 'imaginary people' and make sure you throw in a little abuse and incest to spice it up,a bit... that is the CASEY MARIE Anthony book. from daphne vacelli over at facebook


we the public need to boycott any book or movie this monster we call casey anthony tries to profit from.i believe this baby killer will get her day.casey will wish she was in jail,after the public is finished with her.


she is so guilty. She is a liar too. i would never belive one word from her.


Those jurors were idiots. They watch too much television where on CSI the evidence incriminates the criminal. Are they familiar with the term “Circumstantial Evidence�?, morons. That’s how they convicted people long before DNA. There isn’t always a smoking gun but there is MOTIVE. Hope Anthony dies a horrible death like her daughter.

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