Casey Anthony Judge Shreds Media; Names of Jury Members to Remain Sealed

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The judge in the Casey Anthony case ordered the names of the jurors to remain secret for their protection, tearing the media a new one in the process.

Judge Belvin Perry cited the "circus-like atmosphere" around the trial in the name of entertainment rather than justice for putting the jurors at risk.

Jury members' identities will be sealed until at least October 25.

"The jurors in this case face the possibility of substantial injury if their names are made public," Perry ruled, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Florida law requires that the names be released, but Perry will not "until sufficient time has passed to allow those enraged by the verdict and who might instinctively react with violence to compose and restrain themselves."

He again cited the case's "unique and alarming circumstances."

Perry also took the opportunity to take the media to task.

Scathingly, he wrote: "Clearly, the broadcast of an official and serious court proceeding such as this trial where a young girl was dead and her mother faced the death penalty devolved into cheap, soap opera-like entertainment."

The use of the state's public records law to have the juror names released, the judge lamented, had "become simply a tool to sell a story."

Casey Anthony, 25, was found not guilty on July 5 of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, sparking outcry and even death threats.

The media frenzy hasn't slowed since that date. In fact, it may intensify as the first Casey Anthony interview is being shopped around.


I can understand public outrage, many of us think she is guilty in Caylee's death. But the jury was charged with finding her "guilty of first degree murder" not 'guilty in some way of Caylee's death." The prosecutor pushed for first degree and was unable to substantiate its allegation, leaving room for reasonable doubt. We have a great Legal System and should push to change the laws if you can't live with the ones we have. But, if we were on trial, I'd be happy for reasonable doubt and so would you. Get on with your life and let this one go, or work toward getting the law changed. Just once in my life I was on a jury. In my heart I knew the accused was guilty. By his eyes, the cocky attitude and just knowing human nature. But, the Law required finding "guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt," OR "not guilty." To this day I believe him guilty BUT there was a reasonable doubt!!!


I agree with the public if they had the b--- for a not guilty verdict have the the ba---- so face the public they know what they did wrong, but its too late to turn back. if it was a minority you bet it would be a guilty verdict.


They hide because we will want to know who the 6 who voted for manslaughter were. Next question: How did you change your mind,
all six of you, in just 4 hours? I know that no one on that jury could have changed my mind along with 85% of the country.


ABC - your next peer on a jury. She and "Casey will you marry me"
will make part of the next 12 blind mice. Judge Perry should have
emphasized circumstantial evidence as much as he emphasized
reasonable doubt. Don't buy anything and if there is an interview
it will be more of her lies and Baez will sit at her side and
advise her not to answer any tough questions. He is now her pimp.
Selling the whore murderer for $$$. DO NOT WATCH ANY INTERVIEW.
silence for Caylee.


i do not understand why the jurors names are not release yet. i think the public needs to know why.............a couple have already said they think she did it so why not guilty even on some of the lesser charges. casey or the jurors should not get special treatment. yes, the whole world was watching, that precious baby girl caylee was in all our hearts and it is just unbelievable that someone is not being held accountable for her death.....(casey) come on judge perry, release those names!!!!!!!!!


He made the right decision. Their job was over as soon as they reached a verdict. They are not obligated to explain themselves to anybody. I understand him wanting to provide protection to these ppl from the unstable group that have not been able to let go.


Why are these jurors getting special treatment.
The judge has been kissing there butt since the beginning of
the trial. If they had any balls they would face the questions
of reasonable doubt and circumstantial evidence. We can wait until October but Judge Perry they will be found and questioned
you can count on that.They caused the circus like atmosphere
by finding her not guilty when 85% of America knew she was guilty.
How about the 151 days in jail for handing out posters? How about
Freedom of Speech Judge Perry.