Casey Anthony Interview Sweepstakes: Bidding War Off the Hook!

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The bidding war for Casey Anthony interviews is off the proverbial hook.

According to reports, a syndicated talk show was laughed at with a bid of $250,000 ... and that was just for Casey's parents, George and Cindy!

An interview with Casey Anthony herself? That'll cost you $1.5 million.

George Anthony Picture

It may be too much for one player. ABC News just released a statement saying it will no longer pay for photos and video in exchange for interviews.

Casey's defense lawyer, Jose Baez, was holed up in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City last week, taking bids from NBC, ABC and CBS.

All three networks were offering the same deal - they won't pay for interviews, but would pay a fortune to license photos and video from Casey.

Basically, this workaround allows them to say they don't pay for interviews, and be technically correct, while they are effectively doing just that.

In its statement, ABC, perhaps fed up with the sky-high price tag, says, "We can book just about anyone based on our strength of journalism."


I don't get it. Who cares at this point? She murdered her baby - whether by negligence or intent. God help anyone who feeds her sickness by buying into however she now exploits the baby. I can barely even dignify her by calling her by her name. This is one sick chick and it is sickening how gleeful she appears.




Everyone looking for money from her should file a lien right now.
If she has liens on her they would have to be satisfied before
she could purchase a home or condo. BOYCOTT ALL TV AND MOVIES
about this whore who now has a pimp named Baez.


Some network should compile all info on this case and do a made for tv movie. They really don't need to pay her anything. She will only lie again. We can all figure out what happened.


Billy = Psychological projection


When George was accused of molestation in the dirtiest of manner by Baez,
George didn't change his facial expression.
When on the stand he hesitated to say no when asked by Baez.
I saw George as a grieving grandpa, which he was.
He didn't want to lose a daughter also so HE TOOK THE RAP
for her. Looks as though he might have been part of the


Lars, THis women does not need "Big bucks' She needs to be thrown into the depths of hell, Murderd, Raped and abused until her peice of shit body can't even take it no more, Only then can she understand what her daughter went through, Don't sit here and think that this women needs money


I just wish that every time one of them would come out we could interupt with pictures of that beautiful baby and not the circus we have seen thus far. Rascal Flatts, I commend you for the dedication to create such a wonderful memorial for her. She is the one that we need to focus on. Her memory will never fade away. God Bless You Caylee Anthony :)


Hey, what's $250K in today's market? The real gold standard is cutie Casey herself. Her prime-time interview will be a super ratings bonanza, and she deserves big bucks to do it.


goodness.... I can't believe that people would pay that much for an interview with her or her parents