Carnie Wilson: Facing Foreclosure, Trying to Hold on For Many More Days

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Carnie Wilson has no one to blame for her unhappiness.

She likely purchased a home during her musical heyday, watched it tripled in value during the boom years of 1990-2006, and then borrowed against it to support a lifestyle beyond her means. In other words: She got herself into her own mess.

Coming off her random, hilarious appearance in Bridesmaids, this member of iconic 1990s trio Wilson Phillips is facing a serious situation: foreclosure.

As first reported by TMZ, Wilson has defaulted on her California home loan and has until July 21 to fork over the $1.6 million owed on the residence. Otherwise, the house goes up for auction.

Due to what may have been an impulsive purchase by the artist, the home-owning dream is no longer alive. The bank won't release her from the contract, no matter how many song-related puns we come up with.

Carnie and the property will likely go their own ways.


Couldn't they just sell the house and buy something a bit cheaper? or rent? i know nothing about reality, but that makes sense to me.


Bingo. Not all the fault lays with the housing market. The homeowner shares some responsibility......for living far beyond their means or borrowing repeatedly off their equity.