Bette Midler Calls Out Lady Gaga For Wheelchair Mermaid Performance

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Lady Gaga's fashion is meant to shock audiences, but one recent getup drew criticism from unexpected places - groups with disabilities, and Bette Midler.

Some handicapped citizens were far from thrilled with a wheelchair-bound mermaid character that Gaga unveiled at last week's monster concert in Sydney.

Also not pleased? Midler, who performed in an almost identical getup three decades ago, while playing her alter-ego character named Delores DeLago.

Midler fired off a series of critical tweets to Gaga, saying, "I've been doing the mermaid in a wheelchair since 1980. You can keep the meat dress."

Gaga, who was born (this way) in 1986, claims she had no idea.

"I had no idea she did that and I'm a huge Bette Midler fan," she explained to Access Hollywood. "Maybe we're just cut from the same cloth. I couldn't hop around in that tail so I just stuck myself in a wheelchair."

Fair point. Mermaids flopping around on land have it rough.

This was apparently enough for Bette, who later Tweeted, "Let's drink this over at the Emmys in September. Fabulous mermaids can coexist!"


In other half-woman, half-fish news, Gaga fans were similarly peeved over Katy Perry's planking pic, which they felt was a Mother Monster ripoff.

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Gaga s a new term 4 fake personality. . . she rips off people s idea. . . . . . all old artists style n charisma she copies them . .n i hate it. . evn her songs . .its nt her own writing . . . she s so dumb . . n choses her costume frm neighbouhood trash bins. . .


Lady Gaga is nothing but a copy cat and a fake and wen her fans find out who she really is they'll be really heartbroken that she did'nt mean a word of what she sings. I have to agree with suitepee


you are so crazy for miley..
Miley is not famous as anyother singers
she is famous for her controversies
i love gaga
but please dont compare her with gaga ok
And its time for selena
everyone loves cute selena
and even gaga


Gaga writes songs about being yourself and its ok to be you, so why is she lady gaga and not stephanie or what ever the fuck here real name is. If shes so pro on its ok to be you why does she hide behind make up and costumes? Shes nothing but a media puppet.


How can I pay an homage to something I didn't know existed in the first place?


#1 how can she be a huge Bette fan & not know about the mermaid/wheelchair performance. I am not a huge Bette fan & even I knew about that.
#2 so many of the things she wears or does are not original, meat dress...James St James did something very close to that.
#3 being born out of an egg, Leigh Bowery had a human pop out of his stomach on stage.
I could go on & on. Nothing original.


Gaga is a drughead and is controlled by her "people". I believe her when she says she had no idea. She's clueless


Kudos to Gaga for her reply. I have to say, I'm a huge Bette and Gaga fan. I love Bette, and I didn't know about her wheelchair performance. I knew about the mermaid, but I didn't know she performed it in wheelchair. And, so what if Gaga knew it, and shame on Better for calling out negatively. So, nobody can ever perform in mermaid dress and wheelchair again? Gaga was obviously paying an homage to Bette, just like she's done for David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. There's nothing wrong with that. Bette should be honored! That's probably why Gaga snubbed her! And Better realized it and back-tracked.


First and forement @ BLAIZE...Christina A., Beyonce, & Miley have NEVER been edgy artist UNTIL GAGA came out. and the same can be said for sooo many other artist. (I'll let Katy Perry slide because shes been doing her OWN thing for a while) And FYI..IDK if you missed the media calling GAGA the "new madonna"..which totally gives her a pass to mimick. Theres a difference when you give credit where its due, and just bite off other people to make yourself seem more interesting.


Lady Gaga is really ignorant. Also she won't take responsibility for anything. I still haven't heard any explanation from her about the charity money she (or her people) supposedly pocketed.