Katy Perry Goes Planking in Mermaid Costume; Lady Gaga Fans Not Pleased

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Some of Lady Gaga's Little Monsters are not happy with Katy Perry right now, voicing opposition to an image the latter recently posted on Twitter.

Referring to the trend known as planking, Perry wrote "PROPER planking FTW!" under a photo of herself posing as a mermaid under a bridge.

She does make for a fairly convincing piece of plywood ...

Katy Perry Planking FTW!

Harmless planking, right? Not to some Little Monsters it's not.

The issue some Lady Gaga fans are taking with Perry's photo?

Gaga's '80s-themed "Edge Of Glory" music video was initially going to feature her as a mermaid - under a bridge no less, according to leaked pics.

Additionally, the Lady performed as a mermaid on French TV last month and has said in interviews that her next video will be mermaid-themed.

What do you think? Is Katy ripping off the Gaga?


Lady gaga is so untalented now. People r so stupid. Her music didn't make history, the media is just in love with her dumbass clothing that they call "fashion" and "creativity". Since when wearin meat is fashion sense. Sick of her freakin attention whorish actin. A copycat and fake. And ya lil monsters literally worship her as Ur God. It's sickening. Wake up! Cuz she's a rip off


lady gaga ripped off Katy Perry with the saxophone solo in edge of glory. Katy Perry had it first in last friday night. So clam it down people.


Okay, first they get mad at katy for supposedly stealing lady gaga's born this way alien theme for E.T, born this way has nuthin to do with aliens, E.T (Hint: the name of the song) has more to do with aliens a than born this way. And now they are mad at katy for dressing up as a mermaid and planking under a bridge, first of all the picture came out after the edge of glory video as released and gaga would have went on and did it anyway, cuz that's just who she is. katy has nuthin to do with gaga, other than tellin her to stop putting religous stuff in her videos (hint: alejandro) ...... that is all :)


Katy Perry has real talent and she's beautiful. Gaga is none of those things. Gaga's voice is nothing special and she's ugly to boot.


I think Little Monsters need to chill about the whole thing, Gaga HAS ripped off madonna... And besides, Katy Perry is different quirky unique and awesome, cant aliens and little monsters learn to get along?


Okay gaga fans! Chill out! There is no reason for you going off on a human being telling them to go kill them self over this! If this is a music video to a song which I believe is pearl then a mermaid is a perfect idea for this! Hello!
Chill the f out! Seriously! Sick of this! Gaga has copied a whole lot of things lately. And this is starting to make me lose a hell of a lot of interest of gaga because of her fans


who is this freaking idiot? isn't this the same ripoff artist that admitted to ripping off Madonna? and said (((she should be bitter because I did it on purpose, and you can quote me. I did it on purpose because for all those kids who believe that you can’t, I wanted to let them feel that you can. And that’s what I represent, that’s what Gags represents. That’s what this movement represents)) and she has the nerve now to say this? she should have no problem with others stealing ideas what a freaking hypocrite! she doesn't like it when the shoes on the other foot it seems like? and who the hell is she? she didn't invent mermaids! and besides Madonna already did mermaid in her cherish videos so if anything this is just another thing gaga can add to her list of things she steals from Madonna..this Laurieann Gibson got some nerve to say this when she represents the biggest ripoff con artist in the world!


i think its pay back for among everything and everyone else that gaga copied/ripoff? and for making an alien theme video for born this way that had nothing to do with aliens..when Katy clearly had that idea for her song ET probably months b4


Who freaking cares? Gaga's little monsters need to grow up on this one..


i have remember forever firend.you are so good lady ga ga.

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