Angelina Jolie "Wears the Pants" in Relationship With Brad Pitt, Friends Shockingly Claim

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The possibility of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting married has received a ton of buzz recently, but as usual, it looks like rumors are just rumors.

Despite a splashy cover story in Us, it's not happening right now.

"It's doubtful it's happening right now," says a well-known, rich member of their inner circle ... one of the lucky few still allowed in said circle.

Part of the reason dish on Brangelina is so hard to come by is that Angelina has cut down on access to the couple, a source tells E! Tuesday.

Angelina Jolie Rules Brad Pitt

What Angie says, goes. That includes Brad's friends.

"Lots of friends used to be very close to Brad before Angie stopped letting any of his friends come around," complains this particular Pitt pal.

The chosen few who have been approved by Angelina - as well as Brad's buddies who didn't make the cut - all agree on one indisputable point:

Jolie wears the pants in the relationship.

"She rules him," complains a formerly super-close Brad pal, who's been iced by Angelina. "You can never put anything past that Angie."

"She's the one calling the shots."

That includes all marriage plans, according to reports, so whatever Brad might say about the kids wanting them to, don't hold your breath.

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I eealciplsy love the one that was linked to in the previous post, where they’re sharing a sandwich. How cute is that?!


angelina is a home wrecker ! she new brad was married ! evil evil evil , she is no match to j. aniston she is a sweethart ! angelina u are one evil bitch ! thats why u are so insecure cause u broke up a happy home and it can happen to you ! brad is no angel neither !


I am sure it is true. This woman is deeply disturbed. If she wasn't famous no country would ever allow her to get kids! I think all the kids will become junkies...they don't have any balance ,look at shiloh, she is messing up with her image..I think she hates Shiloh deep down because she had her to trap Brad pitt, not because she wanted to have one..This woman should be in a mental institution and Brad pitt is just a stupid man...he doesn't have any personnality , he just adapt to his partner..six years with jolie, and look how he turned! He has aged liked hell and he is as heartless and bitter like her...I feel sorry for the kids....when they will read all the horrible things their mother did and how mean she is......they will hate her...


To all the comments i did read and is easy to judge on what you see and what you think to someone!
But considering what is fact and real is a biggest questions,-lets Put your shoes on Angelinas certain past and tough times or well say hardest times,,well can you picture yourself as a "Fighter & Survivor"
Many people cant,specially in H.wood..she does and she tried her best to change for a better person.and not for worst.
Imagine a very young woman just died 27y/old not even make sense to know what special she can do..
After all we are all go in the same place we all die no matter what.,


The truth will out, she does have problems. Her own mother pushed her into certain things, like affairs with famous men. She is not going to be happy, her desire to rule absolute will keep her trapped in that situation. She cannot stand to fail, her pretence at being happy is only in public. He deserves what he gets, he soon found out that the fun stops and reality kicks in. If he is happy with how things are, he is stupid. The children do not deserve the troubles of their parents heaped upon them. The pictures and stories of her in the past will haunt them for the rest of their lives. If he claims to be happy with her after all the sordid goings on in her past, he is either mentally challenged or telling a story.


I'm sorry about Amy. I'm sorry she died. I would have liked to have met her. I feel bad about it.....this kind of thing has happened many times before but it always is the's always a terrible loss and each time it happens it can't be made right ever again..... but then things just go on......till the next time....


Say it aint so. Testosterone allows for ETHICS and thus fair treatment of your partner. Women are not men. If you dominate him, there is no point in his being around you, or even 'being', is there? What DOES he want? To be a playboy? To have a divorce? To not be part of thye super-liberal, matriarchial society? It is his right as a free person. Otherwise have a good marriage, with democracy and love.


it is nice couples and so sweet,,i love it


Angelina s bitch. . .is , was n wil b 4eva. . . .


Anyone who would let her sons "snack on crickets like doritos" should not be allowed to have children and she is a stupid bitch and I hate her and Brad is stupid for having anything to do with her because he was better off before he got involved with that black widow and no I don't care who doesn't agree with me. Just look at what she did to Shiloh, missing teeth at barely 5 years old! She is just a piece of trash and I hope Brad wakes up and gets rid of her for his sake and the sake of the kids.

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