Tracy Morgan to Take Action, Meet with Bullied Youths

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Roland Martin may not think Tracy Morgan has to apologize for his anti-gay rhetoric last week, but the actor himself is sounding truly contrite about his infamous routine in Nashville on June 3.


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    Tracy Morgan said what MOST black males heard growing up, my mother almost said the same thing to me! Seriously Black people especially over 40 are more morally conservative that most whites, we DO think homosexuality is a SIN, WHY? Most Blacks (middle-aged) and older believe the BIBLE is RIGHT!


    At least he's taking responsibility for what he said, and doing way more than a lot of people would do. Most celebrities just declare they're going on some sort of rehab program to work on their issues, that seems to be the standard pr move (a la Weiner). Sincerely, all of us have prejudices. How many times have you had a slip of the tongue and realized just as the words are coming out of your mouth? How many times did you even apologise, let alone embark on so many appointments to make amends? What more is he supposed to do?


    i think tracy morgan is a good pwrson and it is great that he is sincere and aplogized because your not suppose to judge someone if their like that but also it is good that he is joining an organization to help out good for him that is awesome .


    The truth is that he will get a pass on his stupid remarks he made in his comedy act, because he is black. Now look at Michael Richards. His career never recovered from his comedy routine where he put blacks down one night that was taped. He was blackballed by Hollywood. I think Tracey is not that funny and I personally would never pay to see his act. With all this publicity, I bet he gets his own tv show.


    Sorry Tracy! I don't buy your insincere, forced to do it by the NBC suits, apology. I for one am sick and tired of forgiving celebrities for their errors. I hope your career goes dowen the tubes!


    In parting, I'd like to add that Tracy in human. God forbid that he makes a mistake once in a while. We would have never heard about his comments with out the help of the media. The media has a bigger hand in this flap than he did. If the media had played it down like they do all the time, we wouldn't be posting this story right now. Give the man a break. Jeez.


    Boy, who scared the Jesus out of him to do a 180? Wow! Personaly I think that we should never speak about Gays. Never.


    I don't buy it. There is nothing unclear about the sentiment Tracy Morgan expressed in stabbing his son if he were gay. That's not unclear at all. You don't have an overnight epiphany from that kind of deep seeded hatred. He's just trying save his own ass. Morgan meeting with bullied youth and gay teens is just about as ludicrous as Anthony Weiner meeting with and counseling sex offenders. Ridiculous.


    I understand that he has to apologize because he's on a network television show, but the second that 30 Rock is cancelled, he should issue a blanket F-you to all parties concerned.


    His brother is disabled & his father died of AIDS, I feel sad for that. But that has nothing to do with the comments he made. He has impressionable young men who admire him & will think it's ok to say those things. I am very happy that he is standing up & apologizing. It didn't work for Michael Richards.

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