The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: The Epic Moroccan Trilogy Concludes

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Tears. Lots of tears.

That's what happens when things spiral out of control between Jill and Ramona. It's the aftermath of their battle as The Real Housewives of New York City continue their Moroccan adventure. THG's +/- recap breaks it down:

"That will be a day rotting in hell before I kiss that woman's ass." Jill cries. Jill's upset but then Luann jumps in saying she won't let that happen. Then she storms off to find Ramona. Minus 7 for taking sides without having been in the room.

Send Pinot NOW

Alex describes Luann as acting as though she were watching the Christians being fed to the lions and although I was taken aback by the description, I can't disagree with it. Luann reacts with a strange combination of judgement, condescension, and glee. 

On the other side of the house Ramona is crying as much as Jill but her friends have a different way of dealing with it as Sonja asks, "Do we have any Pinot Grigio?" Plus 5 for knowing the best way to calm Ramona.

Everyone tries to pull it together enough to go out and have a good time but Jill and Ramona seem to be the only ones really trying. The rest of the group can't keep from sniping at one another. 

Alex can't keep out of it. She must have a conversation with Luann which somehow spirals into a confrontation with Kelly. 

Minus 3 for Kelly's use of the word inauthentic. If she says it any more we can make it a drinking game. 

The way Kelly reacts to Alex and her henna tattoo being ruined I began to wonder if she was having another one of her episodes. So Plus 2 for holding it together, although just barely.

Did everyone get the memo about what time to come to dinner? Dear God. Is Luann going for the rudest host award? If Luann insists on playing hostess then she earns Minus 10 for making her guests feel as uncomfortable as possible.

Luann's decent into bitchiness continues. The Countess' remark, "Is that a buffalo coming down the stairs?" was just uncalled for. Then she pretends to make nice with Ramona telling her "I'm on your side" while in the same breath she brings up the fortune teller reading about Ramona's cheating husband. 

Wow! Minus another 8. The Countess' claws definitely come out. Does she keep staff to sharpen those?

My other favorite Luann moment is when she tells Cindy that she'll get used to leaving the kids. Certainly Luann has.

Favorite line of the night goes to Jill. "My name is Kiki. Why don't you pet me." Plus 5 for being able to make fun of herself.

Does anyone else think Mario acts like an ass? I can only imagine how Ramona will react when she sees that picture of him leaning over the pool table with that girl. Talk about poor timing.

Hug it Out Girls

I have to say the women's dresses at the end are gorgeous and a highlight to the whole vacation. Plus 5.

Surprisingly, in the end, the only two housewives to act like adults are Jill and Ramona. In a fit of reasonableness they decide to give one another a break and move on. I didn't see that one coming.  Plus 10.

Cindy asks, "Is this reality?" No, dear Cindy. It's reality TV but goodness these women are exhausting.


Next week, Ramona confronts Mario and Luann insults Alex's shoes. How can you miss that.


I think that Luann is a Pathetic excuse for a woman whom makes all independent women out there look terrible. Luann is some washed up ex wife of a count that is still trying to call herself a countess...New brake Bitch, you need to be born into a royal family in order to be able to claim a title...Her ex husband had 3 former ex wives before her and i'm sure they felt with much more rights to call themselves countess as her stupid ass which was the last to arrive on the scene. I pitty Luann so much and I think that Jill needs to stop being such a meddling nosy Jewish Bitch and mind her own business she tried to do that with Bethany when she was still on the show and Bethany had enough sense to tell her to fuck off so I think that Ramona needs to tell Jill to fuck off too


Sounds like Kelly posting above. Luann was odious. Alex needs assertiveness training. Kelly needs a therapist - a real therapist, not a New Age Guru. Kudos to Ramona and Jill for being able to recognize their flaws, apologize, and forgive.


I think Luann and Kelly have issues - they are both the most inauthentic people on that show. At least Jill is who she is but that Luann and her "darling" and "proper" - I think Luann knew what time dinner was and told who she wanted to tell. No way 3 ladies would just lie about time to eat. The Countless is delusional at best.


I thought Kelly showed the most sense and was so funny, she stole the show. The only one who seemed crazy was Alex, who was running around emoting and trying to insert herself into the drama for more camera time. "Inauthentic" is a perfect word for Alex's behavior, and it shut her down because it was true. Ramona called it Alex's "bad timing" but it's not the timing, it's the falseness of the attacks that are bad. Alex is a bad actress, as Andy Cohen slyly showed us in the aftershow.

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