The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Psychic Readings and Camel Woes

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The Real Housewives of New York City are still on their Moroccan adventure and needless to say, the fireworks haven't stopped.

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    I can't stand Luann, Kelly, Jill and Cindy the are cruel, immature and so ridiculous, you can see that they are really unhappy with their life. Maybe being mean makes them to feel less empty.. Good luck darlings I hope you can find a little happiness.


    Kelly is ridiculous- I cannot stand her, she needs to shut it!!


    I think Alex and Ramona are the only two left on the show that are worth watching. I'm so happy Alex finally stands tall and speaks her mind. She is so cute. Ramona is Ramona. Those old goats can say what they want, but at least Ramona has a heart and is willing to admit when she is wrong. Alexa and Ramona are the only two of these women I'd have as friends. The remainder are just mean, jealous, ugly women.


    Perfect Nana- I couldn't have said it better myself. Just perfect. I hope Andy is reading these blogs...


    With the exception of Alex & Cindy, these women are out of their minds. Miserable, petty, selfish, self centered & back stabbing. This show hasn't been fun to watch in 2 seasons. They're honestly embarassing & offensive to watch. Bravo desperately needs to replace the whole cast and I think they will next season. One can only hope. Its gotten old and stale, imo.


    Cindy's reaction to the seat saving was over the top-grade school reaction. You're write up is hysterical! Love this + and - system-it cracks me up!
    I have to agree with these other people. This is an odd and very different year for NY. I don't care for it at all. It seems so off without Bethenny. I still don't think Ramona is to blame for what occurred between Jill and Bethenny. LuAnn had her hands in that and shut down a great opportunity for reconciliation. Jill just sees Ramona as the evil one for not letting her stay on that island and for the loss of Bethenny in her life. It seems NEVER ENDING! Am not saying Ramona is perfect-she can drive you nuts! But, she does admit to a lot of her faults. These women are so damn lucky to be taken to such a wonderful place, yet all they do is scream, cry and fight!Ugh!!! Never thought I'd say this but Kelly seems to be really doing well and I think Alex remains rationale and calm. Sonja is a hot mess!!! But, your article is great! Thanks.


    This season has been just awful. Each one of the women behaves badly and none of them are worthy of even the D-list fame they have achieved. Cindy Barshop has been a disastrous casting addition. The badly conceived Moroccan vacation (which didn't work for Sex and the City either) has been a bore. I've gotten to the point where I just don't care much anymore. Actually, reading people's recaps and the comments has become much more entertaining. These women need to just fade away into the reality has-been heap.

    Time to put this show to rest. It has completely jumped the shark.


    Camel Woes? Or "Camel Toes?!"


    Ok, these are supposed to be grown, adult women? They act and sound more like teenage girls cat fighting and vying for "Queen Bee" status. Teenagers can be forgiven for acting this way, as all the connections in their brains are not fully formed (really, that is true!), but adult women acting that way is just, well, pathetic. Time to put your big girl pants on ladies!


    This season has been a major disappointment thus far! I miss the old housewives days. All the newer seasons/episodes come off as very scripted and arranged. I understand that this is reality TV, but there was something about these original series that still came off as unique and 'real' RIP The Real Housewives...........

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