The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Stick It!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back and the Guidice-Gorga feud continues. Let's rehash it all with our +/- review of all things Housewives!

Another Housewife wants to be a singer. It's a shock, I know. Minus 7 for these shows rehashing the same plots over and over again.

At least Melissa Gorga seems to have a voice but she needs some professional training. And as much as I dislike Joe Gorga, his support of Melissa's dream was sort of sweet. Although I'm sure having a rockin' pop star for a wife would certainly stroke his ego. Still, I'll give him a Plus 2 but it hurts me to do it.

Melissa Gorga Sings

Melissa isn't the only one with the supportive husband. Caroline's husband, Albert is encouraging her to find a hobby. OK, so her empty nest syndrome is driving him crazy but it's still a nice gesture, so he gets the same Plus 2 to keep things fair.

It looks like Caroline has opinions she wants to share with the world, or at least the greater New Jersey area. I'll give her a Plus 5 for having the gumption to call the radio station and make her pitch. We'll see if Jersey radio is ready for her.

Is Chris out of his mind? Ashley can't even hold a job. She's barely showing up for her internship and he's getting her a car? Scratch that ... another car because this worked so well the first time they did it. Minus 8 for blatant stupidity.

No wonder this kid comes across as such a spoiled brat. And Minus an additional 5 for not consulting her mother first? Jacqueline took that way better than I would have.

Chris and Jacqueline have a Range Rover, a Bentley and a Mercedes? What do these people do again? The only real housewives I know who have those type of rides work for Bravo.

The Giudice

Kathy Wakile's contract night with the kids wasn't a bad idea. Plus 5 for creative and involved parenting. We'll see how it works out with he son who seems to take after his Dad a little too much. I can't believe Victoria had a brain tumor at 10 years old. OK, that's simply scary.

Just when you think the Guidice / Gorga feud might come to an end ... not so fast. It's nice to see the family support Gia at her gymnastics meet. Plus 5.

Unfortunately Joe Gorga's so late he and Melissa miss all of her events. so Minus 8 for disappointing the poor kid and not apologizing for it. Melissa says that Teresa is late to everything which may be true but that isn't an excuse for her to do the same. Can't anyone be the grown up in this family? Nevermind. What was I thinking.


It looks like next week could get good. Jacqueline plans on locking Teresa and Melissa in a room until they "hug it out." Yeah, right.

Bring your protective padding and watch the fun!


OMG...just what the world needs.....ugly Italian women with fake boobs......singing....


OMG! I thought I piss myself laughing when Melissa sang Amazing Grace and used the lines "that saved a WENCH like me"! Gives the song a whole new meaning! It was almost as bad as Teresa's pronunciation of "Cumin" last week! Do they really know how uneducated and unrefined they really are?


Lol. I thought I had imagined the "wench" in her lyrics. Talk about a Freudian slip. These women are so bad they're funny.


Melissa & her singing is horrible. She plays Joe like a fiddle. She pretends like she wants him to make up with his sister then plays the victim & reminds him she is the 1 that is mistreated. She would not even be on the show without Teresa. She thinks she has to compete with Teresa instead of embracing her. The fact that she took a spiritual song & sang "wench" instead of "wretch" goes to show how stupid she is. Like that entire scene wasn't planned because she is trying to promote herself as a singer. Joe is so dumb he falls for everything she says.


Melissa's singing is awful. Her & Joe wouldn't even be on the show without Teresa. Melissa please give it up.


Oh, please, no more singing housewives. Everyone's looking for their big break. It was sad to see how happy the little kids were to see each other and what idiots the adults were. They never learn.


the singing is super boring...i hope they don't make this and on going thing.

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