Teresa Giudice Shoots Down Divorce Rumors

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Attention, viewers of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa Giudice has a message for you:

Why the heck are you wasting an hour of your life every week watching the scripted drama between a group of wealthy, self-centered, spoiled women?

Just kidding. The star of this franchise actually took to her blog today and attempted to shoot down rumors that she and husband Joe are in serious trouble. She wrote:

A Happy Marriage?

Teresa and her friends lost nine points this week.

Joe and I are not getting a divorce. We aren’t separated; never have been. We are happily married. I love him as much as the day we got married. My kids are wonderful. Yes, Gia cried in school one day, but everyone’s been really sweet to her since then and she’s tough, like her mom. I’m so blessed to have my beautiful family!

Teresa also wrote that she feels bad for Kim Kardashian in the face of Bret Lockett claiming the two had an affair, while also addressing the topic of her relationship with her brother and sister-in-law:

I love my brother and would do anything to have him in my life full-time again. We were so close growing up, and the more time that passes like this, it just breaks my heart. And it is tearing my parents up. We’re their only kids. But I am at a loss when it comes to Melissa. Clearly we can’t be a family if she doesn’t want us to be, and I’ve tried everything I can think of to love her, accept her, forgive her, apologize to her... what am I missing?

Hmmm... any kind of shame over how you make a living and exploit your family? Just a guess on our part.


I think Melissa and Joe are the attention seekers! I love Teresa and think everyone is way too hard on her! Her husband is a joke, she needs support!


I think she's a wannabe gold digger! That looks for the public for her pity mistakes, and wants them too buy her lame cook books....
She knew what her husband was doing!
She had no problems blowing the money...
I wonder If all the guys in jersey, would tattoo a hundred dollar bill on there penis....How long it would take her too blow em all!


Teresa's main problem is defending the idiot she's married to! Divorce Joe! He's dragging you down & creating problems with your family! He's a LOSER & a drunk!


I like teresa and I think her husband Joe should stop keeping her brother away from her. As for the girls they are cute not ugly, people need toquit being so judgemental....


Teresa has no class, no style, she is bitter and jealous of Melissa who is younger, and way more beautiful. I thought Jacqueline and Caroline were smarter to associate with somebody not too far from Danielle


Theresa, your kids are so ugly you should not have anymore. An from a person that was married and unhappy for a long time, your husband is definitely not happy. It is so obvious. You shouldn't hold grudges, you are not that good a friend to anyone anyway, and you will end up alone with four whiny girls.


she's never going to learn to shut her mouth. i don't blame melissa at all. i'm a grudge holder, i'd NEVER talk to her again


Teresa touches her hair a lot do u notice!!! Watta hair toucher!


I jus think Teresa needs to stop an actually listen and quit talking she inturrupts a lot an don't let people talk who really love her an are going through this with her and they have opinions aswell maybe she should listen to her people! Don't know what all does go on we don't see but that's what I see...


I think Teresa is great she says what's on her mind and I feel the same about her brother, they are both very opinionated, I don't think Melissa has a problem with Teresa, I truly believe she wants the family to get along I do believe there may be underlying issues that we don't see on TV and should leave them alone and let them work it out.

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