Sarah Palin Visits Boston, Paul Revere Rolls in Grave

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Sarah Palin may need to bone up on American history.

The professional celebrity and potential 2012 presidential hopeful stopped by Boston, Mass., on her East Coast bus trip, and there, in the cradle of the Revolutionary War, discussed one of its most notable figures with some locals.

With her unique, folksy charm, Palin said that on Paul Revere's famous ride, he "warned the British that they weren't gonna be takin' away our arms."

Revere, of course, warned the colonists, not their British occupiers. But Palin told Fox News Sunday that she was in fact correct, as there were British soldiers in the area for years before Revere's legendary ride.

He was warning them, as well as his fellow colonists, Sarah Palin says:

"Part of his ride was to warn the British that were already there that 'hey, you're not going to take American arms, you're not going to beat our own well-armed persons individual private militia that we have.'"

She blamed her first answer on the "gotcha" media. Obviously.

UPDATE: You almost have to admire the dedication of Palin’s fans ... and you most definitely have to take what you read on Wikipedia with a grain of salt.

They’re apparently trying to edit Paul Revere's Wikipedia page to make it match her botched version of history. Pretty funny/scary stuff right there.

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Sara Palin was correct in that Revere ended up warning the British after he was captured. She is very much like Patrick Henry, the first head of state elected by the people under a constitution in the history mankind. At the time Virginia was the largest state extending all the was to the Mississippi. Patrick was the greatest orator of his time and lover of freedom.


And to think I served my country in the Military so someone like her has the freedom to open her mouth and spout fantasy.....It really makes me hang my head in shame.


Didn't he ride through town naked, shouting "The Yiddish Are Coming, The Yiddish Are Coming?!" No wait, that was Anthony Wiener...and his wife is DIGGING his grave.


Eva: You need to get YOUR facts straight before pounding down Brian Williams and others. The FIRST story on the entire newscast was Weiner and his humiliation. The Palin story was a few seconds in the middle of the broadcast. I'm a conservative and can't stand the fact that Sarah Palin is a leading voice for us. Really, this is the best we can do?


The liberal media shows it's typical liberal bias by smearing Governer Palin as usual. That is why far more people watch the news on Fox. For your infromation, no one can say for sure that Paul Revere didnt ring a bell, and he DID warn the British because theyu would of heard him just like the Americans did. They so scaired of Palin because they know she would easily defeat the porch monkey in the White House.


I'm not a fan of Palin, but I am less a fan of unfair, biased, and disingenuous commentary. Most people only know a little about Paul Revere's ride, and what Palin said was arguably more right than wrong, even though her delivery was so irritating and rather convoluted. But if she were TOTALLY wrong - so what? Why is this all over the news and countless websites? Brian Williams wouldn't report on Wiener (the whiner weener) because he said there was more important news to cover, and then proceeded inanely to present this Palin story. Williams is a prime, pathetic example for what all-too-often passes for journalism and news reporting.


Since when did you become a "credible" news source THG??? Just curious??


I find it HILARIOUS that a website named "The Hollywood Gossip" thinks they can actually write anything credible about politics or serious issues in the world. Like SERIOUSLY????!!!!! Haha ROFLMFAO!!!!!! Hey THG I think it's best you stick with writing stories about Justin Beiber or Lindsay


Dare I say it??
Sarah holds No political office. When she was governor,she was constantly being investigated for one thing or the other. She quit the governor's office to run amuck raising her high pitched voice and wreaking havoc on those of us who have long ago grown tired of her. I doubt very seriously if she has read anything other than The Cat in the Hat. Whenever she is interview, she ask a question with the question that is asked. She absolutely relishes being on display and doesn't have the common sense to shut up before she puts her foot into her mouth. She reminds me so much of a female Jethro Clampett. Her brain is on speed dial, and she is just as dumb as Jo Jo's dog and he jumped a fence backwards. Signing off on this straw brained, empty headed yo yo. PEACE!!


I feel embarrassed for the poor lady. I can barely stand listening to her voice, let alone hearing the garbage that spews out of her mouth.

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