Ryan Dunn Cause of Death: Blunt, Thermal Trauma

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The Chester County (Pa.) Coroner’s Office confirms that Jackass star Ryan Dunn and his friend Zachary Hartwell died from accidental “blunt and thermal trauma” in their car accident early Monday morning.

Dunn’s 2007 Porsche careened into a patch of trees, then burst into flames.

Ryan Dunn at Jackass Premiere

The toxicology report is not yet complete, so questions over his blood alcohol content will not be resolved until the full autopsy is released in six weeks.

Dunn tweeted a picture of himself at a bar just hours before the accident, and his alleged drinking and driving has spawned a great deal of controversy.

Very soon after the crash, Roger Ebert of all people fired off a Tweet that said "friends don't let Jackasses drink and drive." Bam Margera was livid.

Yesterday, Ebert acknowledged fault in a blog post, recognizing his poor timing and word choice, but simultaneously stood by his broader point.

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I think those of you that are speaking so horribly of someone who is dead says a LOT about what AWFUL people you are! Everyone has made mistakes in their lives...EVERYONE. ------------------------------- Yes Zany ... everybody does make mistakes ... I can't speak for the rest but I have never had a drink and gotten behind the wheel of a car ..... have you ... I suppose that might be the difference here ..... what do you think ???


•lyndia robinson June 22nd, 2011 8:28 AM life is way too short..Why slam him for drinking and driving, hello the worse has happened and he was an adult , Im pretty damn sure if he knew he was going to die , he wouldnt of drove..
The above post is what is wrong in America today .... "Why slam him for drinking and driving" .... Let's see if I can help you with that sweetheart ...... We have been bombarded for at least the last 30 years ... in ads about drinking and driving ... and what can happen ... and you ask ... "Why slam him" Ha Ha Ha ... I think that just about covers that .... Then you follow it up with "Im pretty damn sure if he knew he was going to die , he wouldnt of drove" ... really ... do you think if he knew he was going to kill somone else he would have drove ... again ... this logic born in stupidity is what is wrong in society today ....




why do people do stupid things...a little to late now....R...I...P


umm his friend was no innocent he knew when he got in the car that they were probably both drunk... its sad for them but what the hell everyone totally overlooking that this "accident" was caused by his drinking and speeding and he made a whole spectacle out of drunk driving which is actually a serious issue these days if he had killed someone in another car who happened to be on the road then would your views be the same? no pity here


no matter how or why it happen It's very sad.....i will keep their familys in my prayers cuz i know theres alot of pain for them.... everytime they have to read something negitive about ryan its prolly hurts even more.....both boys payed with their life.... Let ryan and zach
rest in peace.....


Just this past weekend I watched Ryan Dunne on "Minute to Win it" playing a charity game for children. He seemed like a very nice guy, regardless of the crazy antics on Jackass.
That he was in a bar, drinking before this horrible incident, is very sad indeed. That the people in the bar allowed him to leave and drive, if he was intoxicated, is incomprehensible! Someone should at least be held responsible, even if he should have been the first. But who knows? he is gone and we will never know what happened and how drunk he was until the results of the autopsy. So in the meantime, let all of us stop the blaming and always remember that it is not wise to drink and drive.
RIP Ryan. Too much too soon, two more lives lost.


yeah its bad that this was an accident that could have been prevented but it doesnt change the fact that 2 people r dead! i can't beleive that people are actually making light of this!!!! Ryan Dunn will be missed and Jackass will not be the same without him. i am a big fan of Jackass and it is weird to think that just that day I was watching Jackass 3.5!! It will be weird to watch those movies again knowing that Ryan is not with us anymore. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of both victims....


This is very sad! Was it stupid?, ya but who hasnt done stupid stuff before. besides these guys make money doing stupid shit thats why the show is called Jackass. No one deserves to die. I just hope this saves a life. maybe other people who arent perfect will think twice before driving drunk.RIP guys~


It is such a sad and tragic story...no one is perfect by no mean's and at this point no one should be making horrible and horrific comment's about it all..lot's of people make stupid decision's like the one's that were made that night...but because he is a celebrity everyone feel's they should chime in on it...would anyone care less if he wasn't so famous? Would the people who are being asshole's still feel the same if it was someone in their family who made the same mistake??? Let him rest in peace and let his family and friend's mourn stop being asshole's because your not perfect ither...PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULDN'T THROW STONES!!!