Ronnie Magro and Sammi Giancola: Actually Happy For Once?

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Just when you thought you'd seen everything.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola from Jersey Shore celebrated their final few days in Italy with a night out at 21 club last weekend.

However, rather than end their trip with one last blowout, the group left after a few hours and headed home, arriving back at their pad happy as clams.

With another pay raise secured for season five, RonSam and their cohorts have a lot to smile about. But still, when's the last time you saw pics like this?!

  • Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro Photo
  • Sammi Giancola, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

Approximately five minutes after these jovial photos were taken, death threats were exchanged and the cops were called. Just kidding ... well, probably.


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I love Sammi and Ronnie together. Even if they fight or screw up, they love echother in the end.


I hope that ronnie and sammi dont fight anymore thier perfect for each other


they look good together but they are not mad for each other !


oh god here we go again,,!!


Snooki even said herself in an episode she wanted them back together and she misses them being together even tho they argue.....i love them being together they just need to learn that they dont need to argue about everything......mike makes things worse to be honest


Great picture of Sammi & Ronnie....their both Beautiful!


i hope ronnie isnt stupid enough to get back wt sammi the "sneaky b****!, shes such a downer, always picking until she pisses him off, then acts like she doesnt understand why he;s upset, ronnie's waaay to good for her!


I really hope they stay together and don't fight because when their not fighting their perfect for each other


I wish there was a way to set up a fight between me and ronnie I hate that guy I don't even know him but just looking at him I just wanna beat on him lol to prove to him he's not tough like everyone thinks


Unlike everyone else, I sincerely hope they can work things out. I think she looks fabulous!