Paris Hilton Reality Show Ratings: Awful!

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It's come to this for Paris Hilton, the woman who set the stage for Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag and other professional celebrities who are far more famous for social networking than for any kind of talent:

She's less popular than Aubrey O'Day.

Paris Hilton Reality Show Still

The Wednesday night premiere of The World According to Paris, in which Hilton sunk to new, hypocritical depths, drew a mere 409,000 viewers.

Even by the standard of Oxygen, that's abysmal. By comparison, O'Day's reality show, All About Aubrey, garnered 724,000 viewers for its debut on that network.

It's time for Paris to realize: she's been out Paris Hilton-ed by Kardashian and company. And, maybe more importantly, she is REALLY unlikable.


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Each one of your re-imagined soeirts gets darker than the last. Wow that was depressing, but still beautifully written.


Well this show has changed ths way I look at pairs. Im not rich ,so I eneve here alitte I did think she was dumass at frist.but ths show is shows MORE of her I feel like everyone needs to quit treating her like a queen she not ALL tht .but kool and I can see tht she can b sweet .though ths show otherwise who knows.....ldw


Hullo my name is Dan Hurst and I'm a greasy haired midget man whore. My hobbies are looking in the mirror, looking in the mirror and catching my reflection. I am a cunt wipe who will stoop to new lows just to fuck my mate's girl. But you have to love my greasy hair and stooped Hobbit gait.


Paris goes thru her fan mail and she DID stand up for her assistant. Her friend & her assistant were arguing and she took her assistant's side, which was the right thing to do.


Wow!!! Does she suck!!! I actually thought she might hav.a soul and now....what a f-in bitch! World Accourding to...the biggest bitch alive. Snob to the nth degree? What a waste! (P.S. If this is a way to access my info FU, won't work).


This show SUCKS! Seeing her assistant being degraded by Paris and her friends really made me sick. Hopefully, this show will be canceled!


Paris is awesome. She is the cool, rich socielite who loves fast cars, cool drinks and swanky parties. She is the embodiment of L.A.scene for the VIPs, people feel jelous because they can't be Paris. I loved her show, it is sooo interesting, it is about Pairs and she never lied, her world. If we try to learn from paris stardom we may get a bit better people and women will become a bit sexier more cool and with a bit more substance. Unfortunately some of us, dont want to see the quality of Paris.
Paris is a success story.


Sigh- I think so many people used to tune in to Miss Hilton's antics (circa 5 or 6 years ago) simply because she was a snobby, rich, bleached blonde who was always behaving badly. We enjoyed living vicariously through her and Miss Ritchie pretending it was us. Hell, her bitchy 'I LOVE MYSELF' attitude made her a media darling back in those early days of reality show celebs. That said- I personally had hoped to see a grownup more grounded Paris in her new show. Instead I saw a stale and far less charismatic version of her early twenty-something self. I felt cheated and lied to. Surely this can't be "the real" Paris Hilton?? But I now believe that it is. She has nothing interesting to say and her show offers the viewer no new perspective on the life of a reality celeb. My advice for Miss Hilton is this- Come back in about 10 years when you are hopefully) married with children and have grown a heart and a brain.


the only cute thing about the show was the little pet of her boyfriends.


very sad that we see the real Paris, very self centered with no regards for anything or anyone but herself, she says she wants privacy and she's filming a reality show? her and brook's entire conversation while shopping is being filmed for the entire world yet she keeps walking away from Brook's assistant saying she wants privacy????? really??? I used to think she was basically nice and people were just jealous of her but after seeing her in her own world......i've changed my mind, cant watch this show anymore, it's painfully bad and she's a person that has no redeaming value.

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