Melissa Molinaro or Kim Kardashian: Who Would You Rather...

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One looks like Kim Kardashian.

The other is Kim Kardashian.

Both have gotten it on with Reggie Bush, with news breaking this week that the Saints running back is actually dating Melissa Molinaro, a model/singer/realty star doppelganger. She looks eerily like Kim, although we assume she has more personality. Because how could she have any less?

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Playing Party Host

Compare the lookalikes and answer the most important question of all: Which would you rather plow?



Yall. Got kim kardashiannnn wayeeee fucked up. Stop cucking playing with her. Yall hate her asss soo much because shes fucking fabulous shes a lovelg ass badd as bitch. Okay she did a sex tape so tf what. Yall simple asses watched it. Yall r big fucking haters cause while yu stupid fucking bitches r composing bad comments shes still getting checks coming in. So it wouldnt matter. GET THE FUCK OFF HER DICK. ppl love to hate her. For what cause she became big off a reality show? Give the bitch her props damn. Who else had done it like she did it. In the end KIM KARDASHIAN IS THE SHIT BITCHES.!!!!! STOP WORRYING BOUT WHAT SHE DOIN AND WHO SHE FUCKING GO GET SOME MONEY. BUMB BITCHES SITTN ON BLOGS TALKING SHIT. ZIP THAT SHIT BITCH. MELISSAS BEAUTIFUL CUDOS TO HER. SHE AINT NO FUCKING KIM. AND IF SHE GOT SOO MUCH FUCKING TALENT I NEEDA SEE HER ASS ON TMZ AND E! NEWS EVRYDAY INSTEAD OF KIM KARDASHIAN EXACLTY MY POINT SIT THE FUCK BACK AND SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCHES!!!!!!!!!


Melissa. The chick in the beige dress looks like a siamese cat.


id rather the kingsize ho kim becz her slurty life is quite interesting


Reggie Bush is wierd and must love std's as he is always dating filthy whores and most notibly sloppy seconds. He dated Kim after her rather wet sex tape??? He f*cked Kanye's sloppy dike hoe Amber Rose, he f*cked that prostitute Carmen Ortega... Dude why not get urself a classy woman and save ur d!ck from falling off?


Melissa at least she hasn't been pissed on and have a sex tape with some guy doing anal sex on her! Kim has been ran through more times than a mcdonalds drive through!


kim is a porn star n a fake ass celebrity. she's no personality ok. i really dnt knw d essence of their show bcz its senseless:timewastn n meaningless. dt family is sick n shameless.


Definitely Kim!! The other chick looks used and has a bad refund gap (too much space between her implants)


kim! though it's kinda weird for a married girl like myself to even have to consider this... maybe this poll should be on askmen or maxim?? lolz

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