Meagan Broussard: I Sexted With Anthony Weiner Too!

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Move over, Lisa Weiss. Another member of Anthony Weiner's Twitter harem has come forward, admitting an online tryst with the embattled official.

Meagan Broussard, 26, spilled the beans to ABC News in a full-scale interview.

The single mom actually spoke to the network before Weiner's press conference on Monday, when the New York Congressman admitted to sending sexually explicit photographs to at least six women in recent years.

It's unclear if Meagan Broussard was the recipient of the infamous Anthony Weiner Twitpic. What's quite clear, though, is that he could do a lot worse as far as online mistresses go. Sorry. Just saying:

Meagan Broussard Picture

It's unclear of Meagan received any explicit Weiner shots.


If i were Rep. Anthony Weiner’s wife i would file a suit against all these whore’s for starting a game on Facebrook with Andrew Breibart which forced her husband to step down from his job and trying to destroyed her marriage.
Some one needs to teach whore’s like this when you play with people lives there are consequences behind their action.
If there is no Law on the book than there should be, because more and more whore’s are doing this for money and destroying innocent people lives. They are doing to mens with money and in power, this must stop.

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