Kim Kardashian to Bret Lockett: Take It Back!

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For once in her life, Kim Kardashian is angry over the attention she's receiving. Really, really angry.

The latest issue of In Touch Weekly quotes Bret Lockett, a safety for the New England Patriots, as saying he carried on a five-month affair with Kim while she was dating Kris Humphries.

He even claims to possess evidence of the relationship.

But Kardashian is adamant that this is a lie. Her attorney has fired off a cease and desist letter to Lockett, telling him to retract all allegations and shut the heck up... or face the legal consequences!

"To put it very plainly and clearly, and as Mr. Lockett knows, there is not now, and never has been such a relationship," writes Kim's lawyer in the document. "Ms. Kardashian does not know and has never even met Mr. Lockett."

Read the full letter at TMZ and sound off: Do you believe Kim?


We all know this women is one of those (Just look at most of the men she has dated). So why would Kris get involved with her in the first place? It's his own fault.


Hhhmm I think there may be some truth to this, a lot of men claimed to have slept with Kim but she has never threatened to sue before. I think if this is true then Kim stands to loose a lot from this especially the millions she will make from her publicity stunt wedding. I wondrered when her gutter slut days were gonna catch up with her!


She is so far only threatening to sue and apparently even before the magazine came out so 1. she wants the attention bc if not she would have sued the magazine right away and Lockett 2. If it really isn't true why keep threatening and not actually suing? Do we need to recall the Ashton threats that didn't end up in a courtroom bc the truth would have come out, so he waited it out until it died rather than proving it right.


Kim just want attention, my lil black whore wants to be in every magazine and interviews....She needs some attention and she is getting what she wants.... She has no brain, but a big ass mouth


No way this guy is telling the truth.... Ok or in touch would have had this story splashed everywhere.... And neways when in the heck does a camera nt follow her? Isnt that her job to be filmed 24/7 lol


Say it ain't so. Please allow me to take a moment and breathe in the fact that (finally)there is a headline about Kim K. that she doesn't like. Could it ever be true that a man is claiming to have a 5 month relationship, and Kim not flaunt him. Sorry Bret Lockett,go ahead and add a dash of seasoning to that crow that you are about to eat. Why?? We all know that it is Not in Kim's
DNA to date anybody for any length of time, and she Not be Kamera ready to show him off!!


Just because Kim takes him to court doesnt mean she will win. She is just doing this for face and she will look very dumb when he unleashes his evidence in court of the affair and the media gets ahold of it. Being a slut has finally caught up to her.


I had a relationship with Kim Kardashian for two weeks. Then I dumped her because her sex videos are weak.


On the Video you Can obviously tell he's lying... His facial expressions and the way he talks totally gives it away. And if Kim is suing she obviously knows truth will come out so if this were true she wouldn't be getting the legal system involved.


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