Bret Lockett: I Can Prove I Did Kim Kardashian!

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Did Kim Kardashian cheat on fiance Kris Humphries with football player Bret Lockett?

Yes, writes In Touch Weekly in its latest issue. No, argues Kim, who is threatening to take legal action against the tabloid for printing such alleged lies.

Kim Kardashian Caught Cheating?!

But Lockett, a safety for the New England Patriots, tells TMZ that he can prove the two carried on an affair.

He says he has phone records, text messages and Anthony Weiner-esque cell phone pics of the reality star. If need be, he's supposedly prepared to present them in court.

Whose side do you take in this escalating disagreement? Think Kim banged Lockett?


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She neva did the guy.maybe in his fantasies not real of pple seekin publicity.ha!


Idk why people are surprised, don't get me wrong yeah she's pretty, but she is a whore by. Profession, famous for sucking dick. We aren't jealous of her, we are just saying it as it is. She did it enough said, poor Kris.


This is Kim Khardashian we're talking about her. And NEWSFLASH...Shes a hoe. what else is new. NEXT!!


I think you fucking haters need to shut tha fuck up.. She is beautiful and I love all the kardashian's!! So fuck off!!!! And leave her alone!!!


He admitted in the news that he has never even seen her in person before...So there is no affair possible.


WOW - sounds like some real insecure ladies out there. jealousy will get you no where. Stop HATING because your miserable bitches. Who cares if she did or didn't - like your all perfect, grow up and find a hobby!


Y is this a suprise. Its well documented that all Kardashian's are whores!!!!!!!!!!!!! F all of you.....
Viva La M


She did it....he just needs to show the proof and end all of it!!


Just from looking at the video, it seems like he's lying. Not to say that she wouldnt do it, but i think in this case shes telling the truth. For him to leak info about him cheating with kim and then he doesnt want to say anything about it at all is suspicious


Oops I mean wouldn't.