Kelsey Grammer Alleges Camille Smells Like Beef Jerky, Then Alleges Email Was Hacked

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Camille Grammer apparently smells like beef jerky. Very good to know, Kelsey ... or whichever "third party" got into his email (so he claims) and wrote that tidbit.

Seriously, this happened.

An email from his account was fired off this week with the phrase, "Camille smells like beef jerkey [sic]. Goodnight," but Kelsey disavows all knowledge of it.

Camille, Kelsey Grammer

The email went out to his friends and contacts Wednesday a.m. Kelsey, who's waging a child custody war with Camille Grammer, promptly sent a follow-up.

The actor explained that the rancid message came from an old shared account, and that "third parties" may still have access to it. He did not say who.

He cryptically said, "May I suggest that it is 'they' who owe you an apology."

Whatever that means. Grammer added that he is shutting down the account, while his rep corroborated the story (Kelsey's side of it, of course).

Anybody out there buying the old hacking excuse? Seems fishy. Maybe this is just a really unusual way to generate PR for Kelsey's new show?

Or maybe he's telling the truth. If we were a "third party" with access to Kelsey's email (or Soulja Boy's Facebook), we would probably f*%k with it.



Camille is not that stupid. She knew something was wrong with her marriage before her husband left. Woman always blame the man for breaking up the marriage but it takes two. Camille doesn't act like a wife, she acts more like a showpiece and sometimes a man just wants his woman to get down and dirty and just have sex and not plan every move.


It's not like Kelsey is anything to write home about except the time he was involved in a sex scandal with a minor.I guess it's not so bad to smell like beef jerky after all.


You would be surprised but Jelsey is worth in the ballpark of $140 million.. He was on Cheers and Frasier, receives syndication from both and has his own production company that put out the hit show Girlfriends on BET and also gets syndication as well..amongst other things..


What I don't understand is how can Camille live in such expensive luxury with all the hired help with only Kelsey footing the bill and he is not a mega millionaire. He is remarried now with another woman to support along with his kids.....!


Nothing wrong with beef jerky-I love them and dry pepperoni.


All Camille ever was was a trophy wife.. That's it. She didn't even get pregnant with either child. She had surrogates for both. She didn't want to ruin her body. I'm not hating on her- she has a very nice body, but she also has 4 nannies! I could see if she did more to help take care and raise her kids after they were born.
I see that everyone doesn't like Kelsey, but please look at this for what it is worth. Do you really think she deserves full custody of the kids- getting paid to take care of them when she really doesn't? At least Kelsey works to support himself and his family.. Cmon people!


When is this jerk going to stop harrassing Camille? He is the one who went on a working trip and met up with his next wife. he knew where he was going and it was all news to Camille. He is a low-down-dawg! Now he is fighting for cusody of his two youngest children? Should have thought of that before you did what you did deadbeat! Let your new wife have 2 kids for you and leave Camille alone! She is a great Mom and she is there for the kids.
Damn Kelsey, you really do have balls! Hope you lose this fight.


Im so tired of these 2. I vote that they sell the kids to Brad & Angelina & then use the money to buy some common sense.


And I bet he smells like Preparation H.

Brenda rivas

Yes "fightingcrime" it does sounds like another job of the "email hacker" jajajaaj

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