Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston: Major PDA, Sexual Tension Alert!

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When Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart made their entrance at an MTV Movie Awards after-party Sunday, they were followed by another low-key couple:

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux!

After weeks of keeping their romance under wraps, the former Wanderlust co-stars finally went public - in a big, affectionate, sexual tension filled way!

Chatting with director Brett Ratner, Aniston and Theroux were unabashed with each other. She adjusted his tie, and he gave her a sweet kiss, Us says.

Jen A. Cleavage

She smiled ear-to-ear and leaned into her man, who rubbed her neck. HOT. As they greeted other celebs, the duo remained at one another's side.

While Jennifer Aniston chatted animatedly with other guests, Justin Theroux looked on adoringly, and they exchanged kisses throughout the night.

When it was time to leave, Theroux grabbed her booty and stole another kiss!! "Lots of sexual tension," one witness says of the new lovebirds.

Hard to blame the guy for being excited, dating the hottest woman of the decade and all. Adds the source, "She [has] never seemed happier."

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folk you need to stop believing all the negative press put out by the tabloids. the tabloids need to make money so they sensationalize everything.


They look hot together.I belive that if a man is single he is fair game. At least he is not married.I hope he is the one because they both deserve some happiness.He looked like his relationship with heidy was over anyway. Jen you are the greatest and i hope he deserve you. Jen and justin you go!


So wheres the proof people!! Come on....


Rooting for them! THey look great togehter. Angie and Brad do a lot of great charity work and are raising a family, just like Brad wanted. And hopefully Jen has finally found the man she feels on the level with, as I remember her confessing after her divorce that Brad made her feel insecure. As ugly as divorce can be, everything happens for a reason.


and yes "Dirty Dyana' she is very much "all about jen" thats why she is still single and her whole life is a self imposed pity party-and if all you Jen hags fall for the fake co-star fauxmance to promote her movie AGAIN then she has lucked out with a more ignorant fan base than George W. Bush had. Besides do none of you get the complete franticness of jen trying to seduce her co-star-like Angie did Brad in Mr. and Mrs. Smith-the difference is Brad and Angie never dated to promote the movie and Brad was smitten but did not act on his feelings until later when he found that he just could not get Angie off his mind


to all the jennifer aniston haters: don't hate because you ain't....i'm just sayin....


I think they both look hot for their age. She looks closer to 35 than 45. And he's pretty hot in that ruggedy way. I hope it works out for them. Looks like Justin will have to sort out that girlfriend situation though.


They both deserve each other, both ugly looking


About a year ago, it was Gerard Butler who was romancing Jennifer A in that flop "The Bounty". When she did the movie of "her life story" He's Just Not that into You,there were stories about her and the other Brad (Cooper)which went nowhere. The studio that put out her movies must have it written into her contract for the male lead to escort her to parties and premieres, because the minute that the publicity machine winds down, the Jennifer romance and her male co-stars end up being dry ink on yesterday's News!!


I doubt that they are dating , he has a longtime girlfriend . Never believe what is spun in the media . Besides , whenever there is a new movie of hers to be released her PR has her linked to random guys .