Jennifer Aniston: Hottest of the Decade?

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Jennifer Aniston walked out of the 2011 Guys Choice Awards last night with the biggest honor of her career:

Spike TV gave her the Decade of Hotness trophy. Why? Because “Jennifer Aniston has the magic combination of Hall of Fame hotness and humor that makes every guy wish she lived next door.”

Jen and Bradley

The ceremony will air on Friday, June 10.

Is Aniston the worthy recipient of this hardware? Based on this Smart Water ad, it's difficult to argue, isn't it?

You tell us: is Jennifer Aniston the hottest of the decade?


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People voted for the women combine between fake and natural. Old and fake young. Man and women { she look masculin},no talent and lucky.......


Love her! She's nice, normal, not full of herself and funny!


I've always really liked Jennifer, she seems real. Doesn't put on phoney "airs". She is just a normal person. I am looking forward to her next movie as well.


It's not just the guys that wished she lived next door ;)


@Sam//: Yup,sure is. I think Jennifer Aniston is great. She's real, no boob jobs or facelifts or anything. She's never trashed her exs' to the media or whined about life, she just seems accept it, get over it and get on with life. I'm a woman so I don't know if she is hot from a guys point of view but damn, if I look half that good at 40 something I'll be happy.


don't think so..


yep! she got a great body.... but i wish it had been blake lively


You know, it's difficult to be hot for an entire decade. Kim Kardashian won't last that long! Kudos to Jennifer!