Jill Zarin: Mario Singer Shoved Me!

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Jill Zarin has upped the ante in her feud with Ramona Singer.

The Real Housewife of New York City walked the red carpet of the Bad Teacher premiere this week and was asked for an update on her relationship with her co-star. She pulled out quite the accusation in response.

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"Last weekend, [her husband] shoved me," Zarin said of Mario Singer. "I was at a friend's house for a dinner party. I was on line for the buffet... and Mario started screaming at me, uncontrollably. And then he pushed me – he shoved me with his hand. He was blaming me for his wife coming off badly on the show."

Ramona shrugged off the charge, telling the In the Mixx radio program:

"She likes to exaggerate things. And it seems like the only way she can get press is to say exaggerated things about me."

Oooh, snap!

Which side do you take in this ongoing feud, readers? And, more importantly, do you care one iota?

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Team JILL!! Ramona is a hot mess drunk,


Team Jill, Ramona is beyond crazy and such a totally narcissistic, naive, mean spirited person - it's so obvious her husband's cheating on her with her whacky "best friend" - nympho Sonja with the split personality. Alex is just an unhappy angry beast of a woman - with no self control and no dignity at all. Don't these women have any boundaries? You'd think they'd at least get embarrassed watching themselves and start behaving.


Team Jill, Ramona is beyond crazy and a totally narcissistic naive witch - it's so obvious her husband's cheating on her with her whacky "best friend" - nympho Sonja with the split personality. Alex is just an unhappy angry frenzy and


Can't stand Jill, Luann and Kelly. Jill is always playing the victim. "This one and that one are soo mean, Bobby!!" Always whining about what people do to her. That Countess "Dahling!!" has got to go. She is a condescending bitch, and thinks she is so much better than everyone else on the show. Now Jill is claiming that Simon is cyber bullying her, and that Mario shoved her. Poor, poor Jill!!! That Kelly, What can I say? She can't even have a conversation with anyone, she yells over them, and tells them they are creepy, and not normal! That's rich!


Mario and Simon are capable of shoving a woman!


Team Jill, Kelly and LuAnn all the way!!
I am glad LuAnn and Kelly are speaking up this year!
The Show is much better without boring Bethenny!!


I Love Jill!
Ramona was the meanest to Bethenny. How could Ramona tell Bethenny to her face that she thinks Bethenny leaks her own media and that she's always going to the press, and how all Bethenny has now is Jason and you'll probably mess that up.
Ramona is wreched. If Mario's not cheating he should because Ramona's repulsive.
Jill has hardly spoken ill of anyone this season. If you ask me she's been laying low this season, yet these lame Ramona fans keep suggesting that Jill has constantly bashed Alex and Ramona, but it's the other way around.


Agree 100% with Mikki!!!!
Get rid of them all and start over or Bravo should just be happy Bethenny is such a huge success! This show is awful now!


TEAM JILL. Ramona is a narcissist. All she does is think about herself, even when it came to her daughter's sweet 16 party. She's a trouble maker and behaves like the queen bee because her mentality is from high school. She's constantly competing with the other women and always claims that what she has and does is better.
Mario is disgusting and I think he would cheat on Ramona in a split second. I wouldn't put it past him to shove a woman. Maybe next time he can shove a silver spoon down Luanns throat before she starts singing again.


Jill Zarin has demonstrated week in and week out that she is manipulative liar. Icey has it summed up perfectly (June 22 8:33 am post). Jill has to have someone to pick on, to drag down. Classic mean-girl. For the life of me, I can't figure out how Bobby (who seems a decent sort) tolerates her. As far as Cuntess Luann -- what a haughty bitch.