J. Lo Sex Tape: Will it Actually Sell?

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Just hearing the words "Jennifer Lopez sex tape" is likely to generate major celebrity gossip buzz and interest from companies to release such videos.

But can her ex-husband Ojani Noa really close a huge deal with a big porn company legally - and would a company actually want what he's got?

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Starting bids were "in the hundreds of thousands," Noa's manager, Ed Meyer, tells E! News, which reports that the price may "reach the millions."

Sounds INSANE. But here's why it's far, far from a done deal ...

Noa and his producing partner Claudia Vazquez say they are in no rush to make a decision, which likely means they haven't gotten an offer.

Think about it. You're Ojani Noa. This is your one chance to strike it rich. You're going to jump at any halfway decent sum that's presented.

Part of any company's trepidation is the fact that J. Lo has fought for years to keep the footage on lockdown with a permanent injunction.

A judge's ruling on May 26 preventing Lopez from interfering with Vazquez's livelihood does not change matters, according to her attorney.

Basically, the legal saga is far from resolved. As for the tape itself?

Noa and Lopez married in Miami in February 1997, long before she was famous. The footage now for sale comes from their honeymoon.

Sounds hot, right? Well, it turns out the "J. Lo sex tape" is a bit of a misnomer. Ojani is not exactly putting it to the singer at any point.

"There is about 15-20 minutes of total nudity between all the different clips among the 27 hours of footage," Meyer told E! of the video.

So no sex and 15-20 minutes of a young Jennifer Lopez nude over 27 HOURS. Sure, there will be interest from some people out there.

A full-scale, high-priced bidding war, though? We just don't see it.


Hey it's the fly girl!!


He is just made that they didnt work now she has a great hubby n cute kids....people do anything for a lil fam n money


Nice NOSE Jen!


Liza I agree, show some class buddy. All he's doing is showing the world what kind of person he is. Not very impressive.


Let me get this straight- this is a video of Lopez on her honeymoon with her 1st (non famous) husband that includes maybe her nude a few times, nothing more? And the video is about 13yrs old? What the heck does this guy think he might get out of selling it, millions? No way, it's simply not worth that much (or much at all). I'm not a J.Lo fan but this guy popping up with this not-so-much-a sex tape now is a clear sign that he is broke and is trying anything to get cash. Yuck.


Noa is despicable. He peddles their honeymoon video as a sex tape? Regardless of how it turned out, they once loved each other enough to marry. He should show a little respect.

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