Jennifer Aniston: Topless For Smartwater!

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Jennifer Aniston is 42 years old, hot and not afraid to show it.

As the spokeswoman/body for Smartwater, the Horrible Bosses star poses topless - with a strategically placed hand keeping things G-rated, natch - in a new ad that should get more than a few tongues wagging.

Check out one of the hotter Jennifer Aniston pictures in weeks ...

Topless Jennifer Aniston Smartwater Ad

All we have to say here is that Justin Theroux is one lucky man we had never heard of until last week. And if there's any way to convince people to drop $3 on a bottle of freaking water, this might just be it.

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She has a really pretty face... I'm sure if we were friends, I would tell her that in person!


Where can I buy the Jen's black dress in the water ad? Simply amazing!


I've seen JA up close. Her face and skin look nothing like this in real life. This photo has been airbrushed and photoshopped to hell and back!


jennifer aniston is a dull and homely looking female. she has a thick nose and a boring, very average looking face. nothing special in my eyes.

@ sarahtheteach

I agree with you 100%.


Um smart water when I was in Oregon and now in Washington is always regulary just a little over a dollar and a lot of times on sale for $1.00 even for the giant bottle. So that's less then most other brands and cheaper then the machines so I don't know where it's $3.00. The water is really good.


She IS topless---you perverts just can't see her boobies, that's all.


That is not a topless picture. Maybe for the photographer and the rest of the people on the shoot. Covering your nipples with your hands is the same as... covering your nipples. But Jen is just so FREAKIN HOT!!


This picture is conclusive proof that Brad Pitt really is a dumb ass.


What the heck was Brad thinkin leaving her for the Angelina??? This makes me want to buy Smartwater and I'm not even into girls!!


I heard her gushing in an interview about how she was SO eco-friendly that she only took 3 minute showers and that she cares about the environment so much. And she sells bottled water? Bottled water is REALLY bad for the environment. It's the #1 landfill polluter. It uses up a lot of energy to produce, and the water isn't even regulated like tap water. Sorry, but she's a hypocrite to say she cares about the environment and then takes big bucks for polluting it. These Hollywood types are always saying one thing and doing another. Reminds me of Paris Hilton with her "I do lots of charity" statements, and it turns out she hasn't done any charity at all.