Did Casey Anthony Steal Defense Drowning Theory From Fellow Con?

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The first day of the Casey Anthony murder trial featured the stunning defense claim that 2-year-old Caylee Anthony drowned in the family pool.

"It's a common tragedy," lawyer Jose Baez said during opening statements, implying it was a mere accident and Caylee was not killed by Casey.

Is there any way that's not bogus? As it turns out, the story is common to at least one fellow inmate in the Orange County Jail housing Anthony.

Casey A.

The prosecution has already presented its case. Now it's the defense's turn to posit a defense of Casey Anthony. How does this development fit in?

In a hearing Tuesday, prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick said Casey Anthony was in a cell next to an inmate named April who had a similar story.

The State of Florida received a tip that April's young son drowned in the family pool and that his body had been discovered by a grandfather.

Of course, there's one rather significant difference between April's story and the Casey Anthony case: April immediately reported the drowning.

Upon hearing of April's story, Anthony shook her head and whispered to one of her attorneys. It wasn't clear what was said in that exchange.

The jury had already left the courtroom and did not hear of the potential new witness. But should Anthony be concerned about this revelation?

Not necessarily. The state has yet to establish that Anthony and April have ever spoken, although an investigation into the matter continues.

Casey Anthony ...


I hope she doesnt get off with the charges because we all remember OJ right?


She is guilty. What mother would ever wait 31 days to report her child missing. And even then it was the grandmother who reported her missing. I know how I feel if my son and daughter are out of my site for more than a few seconds. I sure would not be out partying if one of my children were missing. She is definitely guilty


She is definitely guilty. Everything points to her! I'm not with the death penalty because it won't bring her back, but I do hope there is justice.


WHY IS THIS ONGOING? Yall are killing my tv show times! Convicted..Death penalty..and lets keep it moving.


How can u NOT report her missing for that long??????If 1 of my kids were missing for 5 min I'd be on the phone with 911!!! That right there PROVES SHES GUILTY!!!! ROTT IN HELL SICK B****!


She is guilty guilty.!!! Why would you need tap?? If she died in the POOL?? She has lied about everything.. And I was abuse sexily and it did NOT make me wont to KILL MY KIDS!!!! SHE IS A LIER.......


an for tha bible speaker... tha lord said .. let the tht sin NOT kast tha first stone.. but i totaly agree she iz guilty an dont know why thy havta drag it on.. itz all bout money an any one tht playz a part will b judge thmselfs by tha lord.. an any who wud say death iz no better thn hur.. but real punishment iz needed. prison iz 2 easy.. thtz why thy all go bakk .. didnt take me but one tyme.. but thy live purdy damn gud up in thm places beleiv it or not lmao... itz all a money gimmic.. murders an rapist shud hav no kynda rights wat so eva... no phone kallz no comisary no notta nuthin.. but 2 eachez own.. peace america


yea she's guilty but wattz sad iz all tha onez makin money off thyz childz death.. but again .. death iz to easy a way out..she needz ta b put ta hard work an no kynda rightz.. no t.v no coffee nobody ta talk 2 4 tha rest of hur life.. thtz punishment.. death iz 2 easy juz ask casy


Dear Casey, I believe you killed your daughter and if for some reason she did die in a pool why would you not report it, hmmm what were you doing wrong at that time that you didnt fess up. As far as I concerned you did it and should be put to death for the harm you have caused your innocent child...and if you dont get the death sentence have fun in prison child killers dont to well there. yours truly, sick to my stomach


We do not judge this woman. Yet the Bible says those who kill must be killed and those who lead into captivity must go into captivity. If she is found guilty she will deal with American justice. I believe nothing happens without the creators will. It won't bring back the baby. Sad