Did Adam Levine Slam Adam Lambert on The Voice?

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The Voice highlighted its final eight contestants last night.

But instead of focusing on the performances, Twitter was alive this morning with buzz over one of Adam Levine's critiques.

As seen below, in praising Nakia for his cover of “Whataya Want From Me,” the Maroon 5 singer took a few seemingly random jabs at Adam Lambert.

“I’m not familiar with that song, but you just forced me to like it,” Levine said. “I’m pretty sure, although I’ve never heard that song before, that you probably sang it better than the person that sang it originally."

Was Levine simply giving Nakia props? Perhaps. But his repeated references to being unfamiliar with the original song and artist have raised the ire of Lambert lovers.

In response, the former
American Idol finalist took the high road (mostly) on Twitter:

“I think Adam might know who I am after this next album. Get ready for me Levine. Hahah... But for the record, Im def a Maroon 5 fan. Fans: there is NO reason to be angry. Thanks for being protective but it's all good. :)”

Levine isn't the only judge on The Voice in hot water over a recent comment. Cee Lo Green took to Twitter himself yesterday to clarify a remark many considered to be anti-gay.

Back to Levine, though: Do you think he meant to diss Lambert?


Wow! Adam Levine is a good singer but not in the catagory of Adam Lambert who has complete control of the stage not to mention that gorgeous voice and charismatic personality. Adam Lambert always dresses beautifully but Levine does not . Lambert has nothing to fear for he is the best male singer ever!


I just heard the song by Adam Lavine, Moves like Jagger and I really like the beat. Levine has a pretty voice but anyonde that thinks is a better singer than Adam Lambert is dreaming.Lambert is the whole package and surely an entertainer.Lambert is the best male singer ever!I think Levine has a good future but he should think of what he says before he says it.


Shannon is RIGHT ON...Levine AND Shelton Dissed Adam Lambert that night..I heard it loud and clear..Shelton because Adam Lambert didn't like his wifes dress at the Grammys when Lambert was a red carpet interviewer and..Levine is SO JEALOUS of Lambert..too obvious for sure. Adam is a triple threat to everyone right now..he sings better then anyone alive right now~Voice~Emotion~Passion~Power~control~Range~Pitch perfect!...he is more sexxy and charismatic on stage..and he can ACT..he's been in plays/theater. He is humble and praises and honors everyone else in the industry, yet does not get the same in return..so any diss or cut on Adam is just rediculous to the world.
And Levine has no right being a judge on this show..also shows his ignorance saying he has NEVER heard of GRAMMY NOMINATED ADAM LAMBERT OR THE GRAMMY NOMINATED WWFM SONG. LUDICRIS!


Adam Levine..you must be kidding even to make a comment like that...you are supposidly a professional singer and to make a comparison to a singer on an amateur show to Adam Lambert is just plain rediculous. Adam has performed as a professional for years before his Idol days. Not to say that someone on The Voice may hit the mark as a breakout artist, but this guy Nokia cannot hold a candle to Adam Lambert's lovely ass!!! Adam Levine come out of the closet,we all have our gaydar on you!! Adam as always responded as a gentleman and with class!!!


I have to say, I was giving Levine the benefit of the doubt about it not being a slam on Adam however after I listened to an interview the next day on a local radio station I came to the realization that he is just an ass. He had nothing even mildly intelligent to say about the whole thing and additionally the rest of his interview was equally vapid. When the subject turned onto other topics such as the recent release of the movie Super 8 his response was that kids movies used to be real and in his opinion the kids should be swearing like they do in real life. He then went on a whole spiel using a slurry of four letter words as an example. Real classy guy...I have definitely lost respect for Maroon 5 :(


This is what happens when talentless twits are given platforms unworthy of their stature. It is amusing that this Maroon 5 "singer" dares say anything negative about Mr. Lambert. Someone needs to bet his little closeted a$$.


I don't think it was a diss as much as an ignorant/poorly thought out comment. I get that he was trying to praise Nakia, but it was very poorly worded (if some people can misconstrue it as an insult to the original artist). As for Nakia, his performance was great, unique and had an edge to it but I remain partial towards Lambert's version. I still love Adam Levine and Maroon 5 though.


I honestly don't think Adam Levine meant to be harsh or meant to diss Adam Lambert! And besides, if Lambert isn't offended by it, why should we be?


Adam Levine is just a jealous jerk. I hate watching the voice because I cannot stand him, or Blake Sheldon. I have never liked Adam Levine. He is a really bad singer, sloppy dresser, and always looks like he needs a bath. If he does not even know a popular grammy nominated song, he should not be a judge on that show. It is obvious that he is too stupid, and does not know what he is doing. Blake is another redneck dumb idiot. He also tried to diss Adam Lambert last night, but nobody seemed to notice it. When Nakia sang WWFM Blake said it sounded like an award show performance, except it was in tune. I know what Blake was trying to say, and he can just go screw himself. He is just another jealous jerk. If that show comes back next year, they need to get better judges.


I kinda think it was a diss, by the way he said it..and he's in the music industry and hasn't herad of Adam Lambert, or that song? It was on the radio for Gods sake..I think they both may have been on the same awards show awhile back..and no, Nakia didn't sing it better than Adam..I bet more people are familiar with Lamberts music than Maroon 5, at least I know I am..don't care for them much..but he's made that comment before about another popular song, maybe he lives in a cloud somewhere, not up on current events obviously..I like Adam Lamberts music better than the other Adam anyday thank you...

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