Cee Lo Green Apologizes For Borderline Homophobic Tweet

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First Tracy Morgan. Now Cee Lo Green?!


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    Oh, come on! Dude's obviously a homophobe or he wouldn't speak of sexual orientation being a 'preference'. Or is he secretly saying that he's gay and has chosen to have sex with women instead of other men?


    @JH I see that you were "taught bad information" when someone taught you how to spell and write sentences with some sense. Looks like thats going to stick with you forever and your going to be living your life incorrectly huh?


    Ceelo Wasn't very nice to a "fan" or not really a fan. But it was nice he apoliogized


    I have no opinion as to this big fat piece of crap's opinion on GLB issues but I will say that I saw him in 'concert' last weekend and he is a totally vulgar talentless fat piece of crap.


    so who is this guy any way ?
    where is he from
    was he in a band before he got this 15 minutes of fake fame? reality show has been maybe?
    seriously ,.......


    Gee, didn't even say what my opinion was on the subject of the story. Personally, I didn't find anything offensive about what he said. Actually it was kinda funny that he spoke of his masculinity yet wears just as much bling as Liberace! Lol. People need to just loosen up and not take everything so seriously. Its obvious there was nothing mean or offensive aimed at gays or lesbians.


    Well, JH, obviously ur not a scholar either. First of all, u have to know how to spell it! Second of all, ur posts are filled with the most ridiculous "facts"! I'm not sure of what kind of back woods, petticoat junction place u live, but I was always taught love and acceptance no matter what. I suppose u and ur "schollar" buddies wear white sheets and burn crosses in people's front yards too!


    First off anyone who uses the term "gross" to describe a musical performance that didn't have nudity, chains, whips and blood or feces is an air headed idiot who don't deserve recognition or a twit. I'm pissed that Cee lo allowed the devil to f*ck with him. Cee lo is a musical genius so what "a nobody" has to say about him shouldn't ever matter!! #imjustsaying


    What was so wrong about what he said? he didn't say being gay is wrong. There making a big deal out of nothing it's frustrating


    AND YES, GAY PEOPLE DO NEED PROTECTION. My son has been beaten and harassed for his orientation, and so have his friends. He just said to me he sometimes wishes he never told anyone. Props to artists such as Lady Gaga, Elton John, Liz Taylor, Madonna, Adam Lambert etc. for either being OUT AND PROUD or for standing up for those who are still bullied and made to feel inferior. Some of you may believe in heaven and hell, but if there is a judgment, YOU will be the ones to answer for PREACHING HATE AGAINST EQUALITY AND LOVE. That is all.

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