Chris Brown Sort of Apologizes For Gay Insult

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We've love to give Chris Brown the benefit of the doubt, but to the extent that you can interpret one Tweet, he simply doesn't come across as sincere.

In his "apology" for dropping a gay slur at a bunch of photographers yesterday, the singer writes that he has "total respect for [the] Gay community."

Really, Chris? Do you now?

Chris ranted, "Y'all n**gas is weak. You all call them to try and film me? Y'ALL N**GAS IS GAY!" Yeah. Pretty sure that was intended to insult people.

There's also no apology here. If he has "total respect" he would at least acknowledge what he did with more than this half-assed dismissal.

He used "gay" as an insult, end of discussion. Is this some huge deal? Does this make him a bad person? Certainly not. But he's not going to win much respect or sympathy with frequent blowups and non-apologies like this.

Sorry, Chris. That's just some #REALSH!T for you.

Your thoughts? Should he apologize for real?

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I mean honestly..even gay/lesbian/bi people say "thats gay". Its a figure of speech. And IM A LESBIAN. I thght it was funny to be honest. And im sure the only peopl who have had an issue with this are either A: not gay at all. or B. gay and have issues with their sexuality themselves. STOP BEING SO DAMN SENSITIVE.
MAN UP. And really everybody just needs to leave the man be. Everytime he blinks hes doing something wrong. IF RIHANNA DID PRESS CHARGES ON HIS BEHIND
why should the rest of the world even care? mind you shes out here putting out bondage albums and making songs about how she likes rough and enjoys being bad. hmmm.. O.o?
conspiracy maybe? Chris this is what you do..
Take Eminem lead.. and just do a duet with Elton John and hug n kiss at the end.
or take a nationwide tour (like Tracy Morgan) telling every damn state how sorry you are. MAYBE THEN. will they ease up. Smh.
America is a trip.
Im moving to Canada damn it.
tired of this shit!


People have plenty of reason not to like him but the Rhianna thing is not past tense for her people mention in through it back in there faces all the time ! Chris Brown is going to be someone that is constantly brotherd all the time! everything he says or does but hes` cool he has a carrer I mean get over it ! I mean I dont like his tone in his words but please Id` be way worse accept the comment lol but come on if u botherd wouldnt ` you blow up! Yeah but it goes both ways you should respect people who dont belive in that kind of thing and its` not like there telling people they hates gays! but there is a sterotype in some cases its` true! lesbos are sometime perverted not on south of nowhere love that show hate that they had 2 break the best couple up though adiens` girl became a lesbian but I still think she would be more bi if anything!


Is it EVERYTHING Chris Brown does, you guys have to pick at it? damn, like I'm pretty sure if some other artist said it, it will be COMPLETELY FINE. just leave the kid alone -_-


He needs to grow up already. Using the "n" word and insulting people by saying "gay" may be legal but it makes him sound uneducated and immature.


No, chris do not get away with everything. WTH u talking about!


The thing is, he never would apologise for real. He's used to getting away with anything and everything.


Leave him alone. It is not our job to judge him. We all are guilty of letting our mouths get out of control at least once. If your choice is alternative life style so be it. Making someone apologize for using the word gay is only going to breed hatred not tolerance.


Lots of young people around these parts say 'gay' and 'f****t' and don't realize how it affects others. I'm sure it was slip of the tongue and doesn't deserve such stickler retaliation.


Most of u all need to get a life, get off of chrisbrezzy dick for real. Im sick and tied of the crazy azz people about using the word gay. Is chris the only one that u all pick on?


I am so over it. We are so politically correct these days. you cant say gay(which can also mean happy) you cant say retarded. What happened to freedom of speech. I am amazed how everyone is attacking Breezy because he said the gay word, If everyone loves the gays so much, why can't they get married, why is it harder for them to adopt kids. These are issues that I'm sure they would much rather have support on as opposed to a word. Its such BS. Breezy do you and tell them to screw themselves.

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