Carolina Herrera to Design Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress

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Move over, Alexander McQueen. You had your time in the spotlight when you designed Kate Middleton's royal gown.

But now someone else has been chosen to play a vital role in the true Wedding of the Century: Carolina Herrera has been tabbed as the woman behind Bella Swan's dress in Breaking Dawn.

The announcement was made over Twitter today, and linked to a photo of Bella's veil. See it HERE.

Edward on His Wedding Day

All eyes will be on Carolina Herrera's creation in Breaking Dawn.

Breaking Dawn comes out on November 18. Next to the abs of Taylor Lautner, Bella's wedding dress is likely what fans are most looking forward to seeing.

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FINALLY, something besides plaid flannel shirts...can't wait


can't wait for the real film to be out already.


im with u with that CANT WAIT to SEE that DRESS


can't wait to see bella's wedding dress...
Wish it would be amazing!


@kaitlyn, totally with you there!


Alexander Mcqueen passed away.... no need to be rude.


WE are NEVER going to see this dress are we. The suspense is killing me!


She's "to design it"? She already designed it, about 8 months ago.

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