Camille Grammer Laments Loss of Children on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Camille Grammer has terrible news for her young kids and for fans of irresponsible parenting: neither Mason, 9, nor Jude, 6, will appear on the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"My ex wouldn't sign the release, so you are not going to see my children," Camille told E! News. "Mason really wanted to be a part of the show."

The little guy probably wants ice cream for dinner every night two, you nitwit. It's your job to make decisions in his best interest.

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Camille and Kelsey Grammer are in the middle of an ugly custody battle. How is the former holding up?

"I've lost 16 pounds since the beginning," she says. "It's going through the stress of Kelsey leaving and then shooting a reality show at the same time. So it's a combo."

Yeah, that's tough. Too bad there's nothing she can do about the reality show part.

As for her rumored new cast member, Camille wouldn't confirm that we'll be seeing a lot of Brandi Glanville, but did say of Eddie Cibrian's ex: "She's fun, she's a hoot. She kind of tells it like it is.

"I feel bad for what she's gone through. We've gone through something very similar." 

And there you have this season's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills main storyline.



I only saw the kids for a few fleeting moments on a couple of the episodes anyway so what is the big deal? She wreaks of phoniness.


What a mess! No wonder Kelsey left her! The entire world revolves around her! Oh she lost 16 pounds.. Oh her ex doesn't want her kids on the show.. Blah blah blah! Please! I wouldn't want my kids exploited either! I'm sure every scene they would be used in would end with Camille either trying to look like a victim, or bad mouthing Kelsey. And the kids or Kelsey never looked like they were thrilled to be aired at all on Season 1!
Please Camille, get rid of some nannies and seek counseling- or more counseling! Look up the world HUMBLE in the dictionary and it should be your mission statement going forward.


Forever the victim. I have no sympathy for someone who has 2 kids, 4 nannies & living in a mansion. So what if your son wants to be in the show. Its a damn reality tv show. He doesnt belong on the show. While I cant stand Kelsey, at least hes showing some common sense by saying NO! What a twit this woman is!


This woman is a total idiot. Dont know why she would be so upset about her kids not being on the show, not as if she actually looks after them. The nannys and ousekeepers do it all.

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