Camille Grammer Sues for Custody of Children, Kelsey Fires Back

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In round 216 of their never-ending, nauseating battle, Camille Grammer has fired back at her ex, Kelsey.

In mid-May, the former sitcom star filed for custody of the children he shares with the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.

Now, claiming the actor took such a step "in order to create a false impression to the media and to wrongfully disparage" her, Camille has essentially done the same, submitting documents and fighting for primary custody of kids Mason, 9, and Jude, 6.

Scruffy Kelsey
Camille Pose

In response, TMZ has obtained the legal papers Kelsey has filed in return, which state he has no hope that a settlement will be reached and - once an expert has completed an investigation of all involved - he wants the case to move to trial.

It's an ugly mess, with two young children caught in between.



Really? is it only haters that blog ? the assumptions and ignorance are abundant here. Both Parties seem to have a lot to loose - the full custody of their kids. being bi-coastal is this issue - the side who does not get full custody has their kids livving far away. Tt Seems clear with Kelsey's schedule the kids will be taxied around by the nannies more than with his ex Camille - She never had a full time nanny that has been pointed out and cleared up. Having nannie available to travel and living on different coasts - is far different that one full time let alone 4. Good luck to both of them nobody really wins but hope Camille is with her kids - she is taking them to all their activities - Kelsey is hireing people to do it.


i don;t like camille or kelsey,,,this new marrage will end soon too,camille thinks she is special,,,she is nothing but lucky to have married kelsey,,4 his money,,,she had those unwanted kids the easy way,,,,someone else gave birth to them,,,smiles,,,so true,,,
also poor camille had a very bad nose job ,,,so fake looking,,,,i don;t find her pretty at all,,,,,


Grammer's third wife, former Playboy model Camille Grammer, was advised by her doctors not to get pregnant, due to her irritable bowel syndrome. They have instead had two children via a surrogate a GIRL, Mason and a Boy, Jude


she had four nannies because she ran all the business and homes....HELLO!!! now why she has to be a BITCH! the bitch is the UGLY ass female who cheated with her husband and I hope she cleans that bastard out with his nasty ass, that new marriage isn't going to last anyway. You can't make a hoe out of a husband!!


I was going to say, why can't they both share custody between them but after reading the previous comments; 4 nannies? For real? Why does any woman need 4 nannies?
I am not familiar with their story/drama but I just can't fathom why any woman would need 4 nannies. That's just insane!!!


Poor kelsey and those kids my heart goes out to them she has 4 nannies and couldnt be bothered with birthin them wow


He is such a talented actor/producer. She is just trying to take advantage of the fact that their was no pre nup! When you look at her, she looks miserable- always has! She didn't even carry or give birth to either of those children AND she has four nannies! Why should Kelsey continue to leave the children with her!? Cmon!

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