Breaking Dawn: The Official Movie Trailer!

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You know what's coming - a marriage, a honeymoon night, a birth - but you don't know what it will all look like on the big screen.

Until now.

Summit Entertainment has unveiled the first official trailer for part four of The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn. It hits theaters on November 18 and it focuses on the Quileute and the Volturi closing in on Edward and Bella, newly hitched and expecting a child. Watch and enjoy!

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kant wait till' that movie come out ! (: so excited !


Sarah Gadon might be a nice person & perhaps a good actress, but if she's smart, Rob & Kristen have a long tanding relationship & a Huge following. So with the talk about Sarah cozying up to Rob, I do hope that she and he knows we Twihard Fans are Very protective of their on-going strong and special relationship. Sarah will not go very far in the business, if she tries to break up a very loving and well known Pairing.


omg i cant wait 2 see da movie :)


i cant wait to see this it looks really good just as the rest of them were along with the books I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!


ya kiero k salga el filme seguro esta gooooooooooooood


the trailer is toooo short... I want more!!! Kristen looks beautiful as always. But,i don't like rob's hair. He looks ancient hehe but still take my breath away hehe.. It's like robsten's marriage,not bellward's marriage...


why so long (november). i want to watch the movie right now. i can't wait to see it, although i will have to wait. i know it is going to be great.


i can't wait tell they both come out so i can watch them i have all of them but not breaking dawn it looks really good every one of the people and the cast did a really good job.


I love it !!!! Can not wait to watch it . Will be the best part of this year to just watch it !!


"Do you see pregnant Bella? If that is considered pregnant in Hollywood, something needs to be changed." That was very pregnant for being on the honey moon and just recently having sex. lol If you knew the books you'd know that she got pregnant and the baby started growing super fast and she could feel it kicking withing a week or two and she had a tiny baby bump at that moment in the book. She wasn't meant to look 6-9 months along.