Blake Lively Nude Pics: Real or Fake?!

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Are the purported pics of Blake Lively nude real or fake? Some are convinced it's her ... others very unconvinced. But both camps are uniformly passionate!

From what we know of the Gossip Girl star, this would be very out of character, but at the same time, it looks like her, and crazier things have happened.

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Are the photos the real deal? Are they clever, convincing fakes? We've decided to lay out some of the "evidence" and let you decide for yourself:

The mole(s). Blake has similar skin markings, as evidenced by other photos.

The body. If that's not Lively, the impostor is one of the very few women on Earth with that kind of figure. We're just saying. It's similar. And hot.

The iPhone. Blake has one, with a similar case (also documented in photos). So do many people, of course. It's a pretty darn popular ass phone.

The toothbrush. Apparently in some of the pics, there's a Reach Design toothbrush visible. One which Blake actually has. Again, a popular item and not exactly airtight evidence here. But pretty hilarious that someone noticed.

Of course, all of this could be coincidence and/or the work of a very skilled nude pic artiste. But it could also mean the photos are (gulp!) real, no matter what Blake's rep would have us believe. Tell us what you think below.

Are the Blake Lively nude pics real or fake?


It's her, this is exactly what she looks like, i know from experience :D


Two points: 1. She could have been drunk and done it. Look at her eyes! It happens. 2. There's some truth to what we see on TV. There could be this girl that looks exactly like her that's obsessed with her. I think that's kind of scary and I hope to God that it doesn't build up to one of Hollywood's most terrifying murders...


Either way, a Gorgeous girl.


@Pak31: There's nothing wrong with a person who's of the age of consent taking pictures like this.




I think it's halarious that people don't think it's her. It looks exactly like it her, idiots.. I mean, are you seriously blind? Lmao, society is so funny, they put these celebs up on a pedestal and think that they're not capable of doing something so MILDY "obsene". Lol.. people surprise you, besides,she's just naked, everyone acts like she's an alien because she's nude. Get over it.


LOL its funny when people say she wouldn't do that (send nudes) LIKE THEY PERSONALLY KNOW HER! Even your mom has sent nudes, a lot of people do it. Get over it


I don't think it looks like her but it's close and the mole on the cheek is there, easily faked, but the hairline at the top is the same as hers(remember this is an opposite pic cause it's in a mirror). She has the side part with the widows peak in the middle, same as this girl. Also, her breasts don't have much of a separation in the middle in this pic, other pics of her look the same as well. But who the heck knows, I would certainly hope she wouldn't pose like this let alone leak the photos.


How does that look like Blake Lively? It doesn't really, and not only that, but Blake would *never* do that.


Psh at least she doesn't look bad in those pics. She should she embrace them lol

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