Anna Sophia Berglund: Hugh Hefner's New Plaything!

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When you're 85 years old, you don't have much time to sulk over a broken heart.

In his quest to move on from Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner has reportedly rolled over and found another serious girlfriend. Her name is Anna Sophia Berglund, she was Playboy's Miss January 2011 and she's already moved in to her boss' bed!

Hef and Anna Sophia Berglund

Dumped by Crystal Harris (right), Hugh Hefner only needed to turn his head to find a replacement.

Insiders tell TMZ the new couple was cuddling and making out during a recent movie at the Playboy Mansion.

Simply put, a source confirms: "It's clear Hef has moved on to Anna."

And it's about time, too! With a plethora of young, vulnerable girls running around half-naked, it's shocking Hefner needed longer than the amount of time it takes Viagra to hits one's system to find a replacement blonde.


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Being named Hefner's new "best girl" is like being promoted to graveyard shift manager at the nursing home.


Oh Well.....USE and BE USED seems to be the name of the game when it comes to Hugh Hefner's "dating" pattern...ALL ROUTINE.


we all were just thinking how heartless a young girl (Crystal) was by dumping this old man (Hef) 5 days b4 the wedding day. and this old man we all were feeling for dont even want to help himself, he went on by buying a fresh problem (another gold-digger). i actually think he should stop bragging, showing-off, humiliating women etc and come back to his sences. let´s see how long it will take his new gold-digger to get what she wants.


Well he have also find a Swedish nice girl. I also think it's a show, an image thing. I don't think Hefner is having sex with all this girls but who cares may be hi get it


So the old fool has bought another little girl, who cares?


Hugh Hefner is way, way ,way too old for this woman...but he can do whatever he wants, pick and choose whoever he wants, he's let's see how far will Mr. Playboy Man go with this new sunshine woman?


What is Hugh's next life going to be like!? When we are 85 we are supposed to be getting ready for our next lives - not furthering our attachments like this. I feel sorry for this man.


Dirty gross old creep - that is what 'heff' is! Yuck yuck yuck!!!


If you read Kendras Tell all book, the girls actually do have sex with Hef. I say Good on him, it is probably what keeps him alive and kicking, what male wouldnt want attention from all these gorgeous girls. Leave him alone and stop hating, he's not hurting anyone!! Love you HEF!! Chin Up!!


When is this old man going to start playing checkers?

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