Will Jennifer Lopez Return to American Idol?

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Randy Jackson says all three American Idol judges will return for season 11.

We hope he's right, but there's a problem with that prediction: Jennifer Lopez only signed a one-year deal with Fox, and she hasn't committed yet to a new one.

"It's too early to tell," if I'll return, Lopez said soon after this week's finale.

Do we think she'll be back? Absolutely. American Idol resurrected J. Lo's music career, as her single "On the Floor" shot to the top of the charts.

But do you want Lopez back on the panel? Vote now:

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I love American idol and have watched for years. Jennifer Lopez is the best thing that happened to the show. Randy is awesome and i love Steven Taylor. Must keep them all!!!


Jennifer will be back!!
She has been getting the best reviews of her career as a judge on AI. In the world of "renewed" contracts there is Nothing that make
a *star more valuable than to let the agents and producers wrangle out "your" New higher paying contract!!


Bring all three judges back but PLEASE tell up why that Gaga person was there twice. The first one was horrible but the last one was pure filth and this is what you call a family show ????Many people wont be watching that show if the best you have is GaGa.
Pity she is such a tramp.


She was the better of all 3. I'm done with "yo dawg" and Steve Tyler was only interested in flirting with the females. He never gave constructive criticism until it was Scotty going against Lauren. He needs to go.


Yes keep her for sure and the rest of the judges as is,,,, they all complete each other and they have made the comments of the contestents very human,,, Shows us that you could be rich and famous as they are and still have a heart for people,,,bravo to them...Maybe the elimination process should be changed, after all the judges are the ones who chose these kids to begin with, they should have the final word who goes or who stays............


Jen is the best!


I am disappointed with Jennifer interfering with Marc's song. He has a good voice and I was enjoying him. The dancers in the back were enough. No need for her to come on stage and turn a beautiful song into a raunchy episode. She needs to let him have his time. He can hold his own.


She was fine. As good as anybody else would be. It's not rocket science after all.


Jlo did not do a good job as a judge, she really socked at it, so why keep her?! Jmo

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