West Lee, Bachelorette Hopeful, Investigated in First Wife's Death

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There's baggage and then there's what West Lee brings to the table.

On The Bachelorette premiere Monday, Lee, a South Carolina-based prosecutor, discussed how his wife Sarah, "the true love of my life," drowned in 2007.

"She had a history of seizures," West recalled of his wife of seven years, getting noticeably choked up on screen. "One day she went and got in the bathtub."

"I found her face down ... [I] pulled her out and I called 911."

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Sarah's death "hurt more than anything I've ever felt in my life," he said. "That part of my heart, that trusting part, the loving part, it just vanished. It died."

According to a lengthy police investigation, West was not responsible for his wife's death, but the story is more complicated than he presented Monday.

There were allegations of drug use by both West Lee and his wife and signs Sarah had mental health problems. Her mom, Dianna Sapp, was suspicious.

"Her mom voiced concern about the cause of death, but we looked into the case a second time," Lt. Matt Davis, from the Lexington, S.C., P.D., said.

"There was no physical evidence on scene that suggested Sarah Young's death was a homicide by The Bachelorette contestant Adam West Lee."

"We had the coroner's report. She had alcohol and marijuana in her system at the time of her death, but we're not sure if she purposely killed herself."

According to the report, Sarah's death was caused by accidental fresh water drowning. West, too, admitted he was under the influence when Sarah died.

West said Sarah had been "very depressed" around the time of her death.

After getting into a few minor car accidents in a short period of time, "everyone in the family was concerned about her safety, and [West] wanted her to perhaps go back to the doctor," the report reads.

And two weeks before she died, West caught his wife inhaling computer cleaning spray, though she promised not to ever do that again, saying that she "had an epiphany," according to the report.

"[Sarah] kissed [West] on the neck and went to the bathroom to take her bath," the report reads. "Mr. Lee said he also took his bath (in another bathroom), and when he finished, she still was not out so he checked on her."

After checking on her once, West called for her again, and got no response. According to the report, "The door was locked, which was not unusual, so [West] used a pair of scissors to gain entry. Once inside, he saw the victim unconscious."

West told the coroner that Sarah had attempted suicide twice in the past and had received medical attention. Her medical history was also investigated.

"Friends, family and acquaintances [of Sarah] were interviewed," Davis says.

"A longer than usual investigation was conducted in regards to pursuing who she was. This case is no longer active and not expected to open again just because it is back in the news."

Will this become a factor later this season or is it merely coming to light due to the unusual circumstances and the spotlight being on West Lee?

We'll provide any more details we come across, but to find out how long he lasts this season wooing Ashley, check out The Bachelorette spoilers.


I would love to talk to West. I am not sure how to even go about doing so, but I just read this article and I too, suffered from an untimely loss, three and a half months before our wedding. It was a tragic event in my life, one of what seems many, but I have survived it all. I lost him, a man I had been with for seven years, my dream wedding, my dream home he and I worked on for five months so i would be able to move in, and our dream life together. I feel certain now however, God must have needed him for the betterment of Heaven.




Hi I would love to have a chance to speak to you, i was so surprised,,i feel i have lots to tell you,,


Dear World,
Losing someone you love is hard. I lose people i love all the time in my line of work. I am an Activity Director for and Assisted Living in Seneca,Sc.I cherish the moments I get to spend with these amazing people. i don't ask for them to pass on and neither did West. He seems like a great guy. you can't use this (Love) he lost as a hold me back. He has to move on at one point or another. Yes, he will miss her forever,but he wants to find that special someone again!!!!=)Keep on a truckin =)


I am carolina lawshe ,I live in georgetown south carolina. i am recently divorced , I think that you deserve more than you are getting and by all means would love to just hang out as friends. whatever leads after that happens. i commend you for going onto the show after your tragic loss. i would love to talk and listen to what you need to get off of your chest. If you are interested please contact me at 8435431931 or 8432403350. I would like to be there to support any decicsions.


anybody's better than Bentley.


It doesnt matter what his last name any one can be a killer, not saying He is but looks can be deceiving with ANYONE!


Ladies, you'd really have to worry if his last name was Peterson.

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