Tim McCormack Gets WASTED On The Bachelorette

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On The Bachelorette season premiere, everyone tried to leave their mark.

With 25 guys vying just to get their foot in the door before they can even attempt to woo Ashley Hebert, standing out from the pack proved to be difficult.

The good news for Tim McCormack? He succeeded in this regard, after a display that truly was a Bachelor/ette first. The bad news? He's gone as a result.

Dude got so drunk that he not only made a fool of himself in front of Ash, he passed the eff out at the cocktail party! Some dudes can't handle an open bar ...

Watch the intoxicating, awkward hilariousness unfold below:


Time is a disgrace to all New Yorkers. New Yorkers have taken the rap of being mean people and Tim justified that for millions of viewers that night. Yes there are men that are taking advantage of Ashley and the show for their own personal reasons, however, Tim is juat an idiot!!


Any normal guy in the world would have gotten wasted on that show. I watched it. Every guy on there, except for Tim, is a total pussy. What kind of moron would go on that crappy show anyway? 1 chick and 25 dudes!? That's either a huge sausage fest or a gay bar. And Ashley...she said she fell in love with The Bachelor guy on their first date. Hello? The girls got major issues. Good for Tim. Have some cocktails and get the Hell outta there


Wow , not only is TIM MCCORMICK of LONGBEACH ny a drunk but a DANGER and a hazard to others on the road... Prior DWI in new york state and you think someone would have checked this idiot out before putting him on national television!!!!

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